Natalie Denise Sperl’s 10 Quickies

Natalie Denise Sperl is the front woman of Los Angeles-based quartet Kill My Coquette, whose self-titled debut EP is due out on January 20th.  Armed with attitude and boasting vital rock & punk with a twist of designer blues, Kill My Coquette is influenced by game-changing artists like Jack White, Lou Reed, Joan Jett and the New York Dolls, but they have a sound all their own.  Written and arranged by Natalie, the 5-song EP was recorded at Evelyn Martin Recordings in Los Angeles with producer Danny McGough (Tom Waits, Social Distortion).  

Natalie spared some time to take on our traditional 10 Quickies. Check out her awesome answers below:

Keep going.

Imaginative, tenacious, giving, stubborn, caring, rambunctious, sly and charming.

I adore yoga. I stumbled into my first class 6 years ago at Runyon Canyon Park here in Los Angeles. It was led by an amazing musician/yoga instructor Daniel Overberger. I have been a devotee of his ever since. I also hike everywhere. There are tons of trails throughout Los Angeles. I don’t drink soda. I volunteer at an animal shelter too. I’m a huge lover of the feline. Cats rule. 

St. Barths.

My friends, my cats and my eyeliner. 

Chelsea Girl/top spy/big city fashion plate meets small town Catholic School girl.  Masculine meets feminine. I mix high end frocks with low priced thrift finds. I’ve re-structured many pieces I buy so as to be the only one wearing it. I can sew on a basic level. I make my own T-shirts. I like to design clothes. Alexander McQueen is my favorite couture designer. G-Star makes great denim. 

When I have a moment, I like to read. I’m reading a David Bowie biography right now. I also play poker and go to the race track when I can. I love horses. 

Freedom. Creativity. Chagall.  Strong women like my Mother, Grandmother and countless brave women who, day in and day out, pave the way for others. Learn by example, and pay it forward.

Tator tot hot dish my favorite indulgence. That’s a midwest thing (I’m originally from Minnesota).  I love Ethiopian and Indian food. Tarka Dal is my favorite. Pizza from Rome is unbeatable. When I lived in Italy I had it for breakfast, but you can get a close comparison at Madeo in LA. 

I play with make up, wigs and fashion. I’ve been in rock mode for a while lately: denim and motorcycle boots with T shirts mostly. It’s time to dust off the Cavalli and be pretty again! 

Credits: Publicist Renee Harrison + photography by Brandise Danesewich & Frederick Von Uhllmann

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