Thinking about a New Year Gift? Here Are 6 Ideas to Get You Started

New Year gifts can be anything and everything new that builds the spirit of this festive season. Before making a random decision regarding the gift you need to give to your loved one, it is a good idea for you to plan ahead. This is the most awaited holiday of the year, which means that you don’t have to leave anything to chance. Here are 6 ideas that will help you pick the perfect gift for a friend, a colleague, or a family member.


Blu Ray Movie Gift Set

The New Year is a time that most families want to spend with their loved ones. With time, movie box sets have slowly become a tradition during the holidays. With these, you give the receiver a gift that they can share with their friends or family.

With a movie set, you have a chance to make a choice for the receiver. You can decide to go for the classics or the latest movies. A movie set box puts in your hands the power to deliver several evenings of fun to more than one person.


Exclusive Event Tickets

With tickets, you give the gift of live entertainment to your friends and family. Every end of the year, there are an assortment of top events in your city or state. These events might be ideal for kids, teens, and adults alike.

The tickets don’t have to be fancy, but should give the receiver a chance to experience an event first hand. Every person has his or her hobby, which means that you need to understand what a person likes before you pick a gift. For instance, if the receiver is a sports fan, you need to understand the schedule.

Event tickets are not just for music concerts or sports events. These can be anything such as an exclusive dinner or a cruise on a yacht. With such tickets, you give the receiver a chance to enjoy something he or she likes.


Floral Gifts

gift ideas 2

source: spondonflorists


When you find that you forgot to send a gift for Christmas, and you wish to make up for it over the New Year, flowers are the ideal gift. A stunning bouquet is the best way to tell a friend or colleague that you wish them the best for the New Year.

Flowers also make other gifts to stand out. A bottle of champagne will be more appreciated when you present them with flowers. However, make sure you buy traditional holiday flowers in colors that reflect the season. With flowers, you get to light up the receiver’s home instantly.


Video Games and Consoles

If you are looking for New Year gifts for teens, the latest game console is always a good choice. New game consoles have come up during the year that have extra features and might be just what they wanted. However, this becomes tricky at some point. This is because you need to understand what the teen likes and go for it. Video games are in various categories, from racing to shooting – understand what the receiver wishes for. Throw in a cool gadget such as headphones or game he/she will like for sure and you have made a perfect end to the year.


Picture Frames

As the year ends, many people take pictures to keep the memories. Adding a frame to an otherwise plain picture makes it stand out, and get attention. If you have a picture of the receiver, you can have it enlarged and fitted in the frame. However, this is not a must, because a frame without a photo is also an ideal gift.


Not any frame will work to your advantage; you need to get a high-quality frame that will last ages, which will keep the memories alive for a long time. Best case scenario: frame a nice photo where two of you are together, having fun.


gift ideas 3

source: photobox

Photo Book

The period preceding the new year is filled with session upon session of photo shoots. With the proliferation of smartphones everywhere, most pictures are stored on the hard drives of personal computers and laptops. With time, these pictures are forgotten, and the memories fade away. However, you can help a friend or a family member keep those precious memories alive by gifting them a photo book.

You can print all the photos of 2014, and give them to a loved one as a gift. This helps you take these virtual photos off the hard disks and create something that is tangible. You can use a single photo to define your story, or make a collage with several photos to provide details

Easy way to do this is to use photo book software – it comes with various features that you can use to your advantage, such as adding text over pictures, applying effects, and more.

Majority of big printing companies have such software integrated on their web pages (example can be seen here). After you’re done, you’ll have a timeless gift that will help keep  those memories alive, for longer.


And there you go. Out of hundreds of gifts, these are the ones you can’t really go wrong with. Now all you need to do is figure out who deserves them!

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