Proper Skin Care

Many people don’t take proper care of their skin, some because they don’t have any problems so they think they don’t have to worry and others use home remedies of some tips they hears from someone once. Skin is exposed to many irritants that can cause it to become inflamed, itchy or flaky so taking the proper precautions is important. People with sensitive skin have to deal with a lot and the exact symptoms differ depending on who you ask. But if you suspect you have sensitive skin you should go see a dermatologist so they can properly diagnose you and give you the help you need.


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The Sun

The first and basic step to your skin care is to use sunscreen to protect your skin from damage. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to many problems like wrinkles, sun spots and even heightens the possibility of skin cancer. Your sunscreen should have a minimal SPF of 15 and you should apply a lot of it every two hours. Don’t go in the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and if you must use protective clothing.

Eating healthy will nourish your skin and help it be healthy too. Your diet should have many different fruits and vegetables along with unprocessed flower and lean protein found in sirloin beef, egg whites, pork loin, fish and seafood. Hydration is also important so make sure you get your daily amount of water because it will help flush out toxins. Unhealthy eating habits have been known to trigger hormone imbalance and thus contribute to acne breakouts.


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Avoid taking long baths and showers especially hot ones because they will damage to upper layer of your skin and remove oils that protect it. Do not use soaps, instead opt for non-soap cleansers and never scrub your skin dry instead pat it gently with a towel leaving it a little bit damp. Use moisturisers that will fit your skin type and for sensitive skin Thalgo Comfort products seem to work well. When shaving make sure you apply some sort of lubrication like gel or shaving cream and always shave in the direction the hair grows because this will lessen the chance of ingrown hairs.

Stress is a perfect example of how the body can be affected by the mind. You need to take a step back and try to lead a less stressful life. Try taking the edge of by means of physical exercise. When ever your feel stressed go for a jog or go wild on a punching bag. If this isn’t your thing you can try yoga but don’t expect it to be less demanding. Meditating is a great way to ease your mind and give your ability to concentrate a boost.


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This is one of the worst thing you could to for your skin. Surgeons beg smokers not to smoke during their recovery time because it will finder the healing process. Smoking decreases flow flow depriving your skin of nutrients and oxygen. It also damages collagen and elastin and thus contributes to wrinkles. That repetitive expression smokers make will lead to smoker’s wrinkles.


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