Different Ways to Fight Stress in 2015

According to recent studies, more than 90% of those who visit doctors have stress related complications and symptoms. Most of the symptoms of backache and headaches are not ailment related but stress related. There are so many ways you can relieve stress but let us explore unique and different way to help you fight stress.

Improve your working environment

Most people spend more than forty-day lights hour inside their offices. In most offices, the only source of light is the one provided but fluorescent lighting, and lack of natural light leads to depression, sluggishness and mood swing. Research suggests that our working environment usually leads to an increase in stress and stress related ailments. The best way to fight stress when it comes to working environment is to improve your office light. These can be done by adding an incandescent bulb to work together with your fluorescent bulb to mimic outdoor light and to regulate your body biorhythms thus reducing environment stress related issues.

stress in office image courtesy: Canoe Ca


When you are stressed out, your cortisone levels increase thus attacking the stomach lining, suppressing the immune system and impairing the insulin. When you exercise, the opposite is done, and more testosterone is produced. The produced testosterone helps in washing the brain in endorphins’ and cleaning excess blood sugar thus making you feel very rejuvenated and full of extra energy. You can do exercises by going to the gym, walking, doing yoga, running or even talking your dog for a ride. Doing the kind of activity you love when you are stressed out is a good way of exercising and relieving stress even if it means doing gardening.

excercise prevent stress image courtesy: Huffington Post

Getting a relaxing massage

Massage therapy is one of the unique ways to fight stress. Massage therapy combines a profound knowledge of the human physiology, and it is done in the most natural way using human hands and natural herbals. Massage is a unique way of relieving muscle pains and improving blood circulation. The rhythmically applied movements and pressure stimulate your nerve receptors thus helping in blood flow and stress relieve. There are reports and records in China, India and America showing that massage helps in stress relieve.

massage against stress image courtesy: Massage Therapy HK

Talking to a therapist or friend

Instead of keeping to yourself, it is good to call a friend or visit a therapist and talk about the issues at hand that may be stressing you out. Venting out and discussing the issues at hand will help you to calm down and reduce the stress level. Therapists advise that talking about your problems and questions will help lift weight off your mind. In addition, knowing that there is someone you can trust and rely on, help you relieve the tension you are carrying.

VB-00033107-001 image courtesy: Daily Mail

According to researchers, stress is number one killer in the whole world and most of the ailments including cancer are stress related, or they originate from stress. Fighting stress will help you come along way when you are stress-free you are more healthy, rejuvenated, happy and full of life.

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