Album Review: “Hear Me Out” by Sarah Miles

 Photo by  Nick Glimenakis

Sarah Miles‘ latest EP has been out for a while now, but I still wanted to do a review because after recently listening to all five songs, I’m without a doubt in love with the record. With a mixtue of rock, pop, and folk, you can tell there’s something very personal in each track. 

Hear Me Out opens up the EP on an energetic note, emphasizing the message of wanting to be heard and acknowledged. The production is amazing. The instruments compliment Sarah’s melodies greatly and I like how fierce the singer is but can still take it down when needed.  

The tempo slows down to a country pop ballad, Rigid Frame–a number that depicts a more emotional Miles. It seems she’s at her lost in the relationship and is unsure of what to do when she’s drained herself so much in trying to keep it together. First of all, I love the title and how beautifully written this song is. It definitely showcases the singer’s undeniable songwriting skills. This is one of my favorites.

The transition into Don’t Wanna Wait is superb, because it represents what Sarah is going to do next after what she was going through in Rigid Frame. She’s made the decision not to wait around anymore because the relationship is over. She just can’t continue to put herself through that and is finally moving on. I liked that the tempo is raised back up a notch and isn’t a mellow sad song. In my opinion, Don’t Wanna Wait depicts strength and integrity in the singer.

 Photo by  Nick Glimenakis

I Miss You continues the uptempo concept and the storytelling. In this number, Sarah sings about a love lost and expresses how much she misses it. This is a bittersweet song that melts my heart and it’s mostly due to the fact that the lyrics are so raw and realistic. 

The EP concludes with I Believe I’ll Go Back Home, another country-influenced ballad with smooth strings and flawless singing. This song conveys the emotions of an individual when they’re away from the place they call home. Times may get tough or you might feel lonesome on your journey, whether it is to find yourself or whatever, it’s always good to have somewhere to go back to and I feel the lyrics shed light on all of that. I Believe… is another thought-provoking number that is bound to amaze listeners because it most definitely wowed me. 

Overall, Sarah Miles has delivered songs that are beyond relatable and represents how much she’s grown as a vocalist and songwriter. Hear Me Out held my attention from start to finish. There was never a dull moment or a song that didn’t tug at my heart. It’s just a wonderful production. The only thing is that it’s an EP and not a full length album, but I’m well aware of the journey of an independent artist and whatever Sarah can put out is enough and I’ll be satisfied. 

Rating: 5/5

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Label: Burly Bean Music


Track Listing

01. Hear Me Out

02. Rigid Frame

03. Don’t Wanna Wait

04. I Miss You

05. I Believe I’ll Come Back Home


This review does not reflect the opinion of EY as a whole is based only on the views of the writer.

Credits: Nick Glimenakis +

Sarah Miles YouTube

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