Villafan in ’10’

Los Angeles based artist Villafan is next to take on our traditional ‘1o quickies’. Not familiar with the name? Well, you should be. His soulful voice is a reminder of how music should make you feel from the inside out. Songs that are not only timeless but touches the heart. I literally get chills when I listen to Villafan and I highly recommend downloading his music. You won’t regret it. 

Check out the live acoustic version for his uplifting single, “Willing,” and continue below to learn a little about this awesome singer:


Everything will be okay.


Optimistic, selfless, considerate, sensitive and stubborn.


Following Jesus… and no, not my cousin.


Nice, France


My MacBook Pro, My Guitar, My Wife


Post-Hipster w/ Class 


Honestly, I don’t… But if I did, I’d probably have a few beers, watching soccer


Music… When I need to be empowered, I sit in front of a piano for hours.  Playing, and taking in the almost tangible vibrations from the music. It usually brings me to tears, and I start to think, “where would we be without Music? I need to make more.”


Italian, Mexican, and Chinese.  But give me coffee and bread, and I’d be happy.


    I like to paint and draw.  I also like to make movies.

Thanks! This was fun 🙂



And there you have it. Villafan is currently working on his debut album set to be released this summer.

Click here to download the media kit

Listen to his FULL EP(s) ‘Acoustic EP Vol.1’ & ‘I Still Believe EP’ on 

Download your free copy of his Acoustic EP on

Check out his live performance ‘Believe’

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