Important Tips For Getting The Best Wedding Photographs-Regardless Of The Setting

Today’s weddings are more sophisticated and unique than they were just a few years ago and as a result, memorializing them is even more important and complicated than it was then. Fortunately, knowing the right techniques, ideas and camera choices can make it easier than it seems to get the ideal shot of the perfect day for the lucky couple, each and every time.

Become Waterproof and Impervious to the Rain and Humidity

It is first necessary to remember that the day has to be remembered as perfect, regardless of what seems to be happening otherwise. Therefore, the best option is to work around the problem. For example, your pictures will rarely meet everyone’s expectations if you have bad lighting and bad lighting is obviously a common problem when photographing in the rain.

The quick solution is to move yourself and the camera to a dry area. Under a canopy, pavilion or awning is a common option at a damp, outdoor wedding. A less common choice is to be in a car, as close to the couple as you need to be, in order to get the right shot. At the same time, remember to watch for any reflections, as the glass in a car, window or even in a small pool of water can be a big problem later on.

Essentially, do not be afraid to think outside the box, as long as doing so is possible. The photographs will tell their own story one day soon.

Choose the Right Lighting…In Multiple Shots

An interesting concept that has recently become more popular for wedding day shots has been the use of different amounts of light for the same shot. By accessing varying amounts of light in the same scene or shot, the entire image can change. For example, the mother of the bride can look younger, the bridesmaid’s dresses can become more flattering and it can seem as if the entire image has changed, merely from changing the lighting.

Fortunately, you will note that the many different aspects of lighting can be accomplished quickly. That means that you are managing time more efficiently, while still meeting the needs and expectations of the wedding party. Experiment with changing the amount of light introduced into an image and surprise everyone with your innovative techniques.

When The Wedding is Indoors

It is easy to forget that regardless of the amount of light present inside, it is very difficult to get the perfect shot without using a flash. Specifically, an external flash is the ideal choice in this situation, in order to guarantee adequate exposure within each picture. However, using a flash indoors can be challenging in its own right and may present with extra concerns.

One example is seen in many candid shots, when the flash reflects off of the ceiling, walls, clothing or anything in a light color that is being photographed. The solution is to never point a flash at the image you are capturing and to use a bounce card in order to eliminate any possibility of a reflection. At the same time, the proof of the flash itself is almost always eliminated, so the technique often remains elusive to many amateur photographers.

In conclusion, getting the best shot consistently and helping a happy couple capture each detail of their big day is an enormous responsibility. As such, it is usually necessary to consistently be prepared for rain, indoor weddings and changes. A responsible photographer can evolve as the situation evolves, in order to meet everyone’s needs.

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