Fashion Feature: Alana

I love to peruse chictopia in search of fashionistas to feature on EY, and I’m thrilled to have come across Alana because her style is inspiring and so dope. I like how she coordinates her outfits and she mixes things up sometimes. Alana lives in Rio de Janeiro. Check out my favorite looks below, and see much more when you follow her fashion blog here or … Continue reading Fashion Feature: Alana

Top 7 Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Even the most basic plastic surgery procedures are met with suspicion and uncertainty due to the many pictures scattered across the Internet of botched procedures or those who have had an excessive amount of work done. While these ideas always shed plastic surgery in a bad light, in actuality, these procedures can be good for you offering physical and psychological benefits. There are seven excellent … Continue reading Top 7 Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Massage Therapy For Your Aches, Pains And Problems

For thousands of years massages have been used all over the world to treat aches and pains in the human body. They are quite effective when done properly and are a much better solution than medication. In fact many people who have experienced the healing power of massages will always prefer massages to modern medication. There are several types of massages all geared towards solving … Continue reading Massage Therapy For Your Aches, Pains And Problems

[Exclusive] Laila Biali & The Radiance Project

I’m only now discovering the music of Canadian artist Laila Biali, and I’m so glad I had. Her sound is soul-shaking and thought-provoking. If you’re looking for soothing, contemporary Jazz with an emotional edge, Laila Biali and the Radiance Project is perfect for you. It’s an honor to have the singer on EY, so check out our exclusive interview right after watching the eccentric music … Continue reading [Exclusive] Laila Biali & The Radiance Project

Laila Biali Takes ’10’

It’s such a pleasure to have the wonderful Laila Biali on our site. Do check out our exclusive interview with Jazz artist, and continue below to learn some quick things about her: Love, and be loved. Ebullient and affectionate. (Puppy love!) Daily prayer. Yoga (when I can fit it in). Prepping and eating healthy meals at home. Green smoothies! Active love life with my husband. … Continue reading Laila Biali Takes ’10’

4 Fashion Must-Haves For Your Next Bali Holiday

If you are getting sick of winter and can wait for the warm weather, your best bet is to catch a plane to Bali. With its great beaches, amazing hospitality and low cost, Bali is and has always been at the top of the list of winter destinations. Ben Pollitt would say “a good pair of sunglasses, sun, good music and books” is perfect for … Continue reading 4 Fashion Must-Haves For Your Next Bali Holiday

Everything You Need To Sparkle

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – a gift that will sweep every woman off her feet. Even those who don’t agree won’t say no to them. The everlasting fascination with these precious gems won’t fade away. Diamonds’ incredible beauty, great value and the fact that they’re one of the most unique materials on Earth will never change. It’s no wonder there’s no “real” engagement … Continue reading Everything You Need To Sparkle

’10’ Things To Know About Kristyna Myles

Kristyna Myles’ music is like a breath of fresh air, so it’s quite a delight that she not only did an interview for EY, but she’s next to take on our traditional 10 quickies. Check out her cool answers below: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me I wasn’t sure how to describe myself so I took a personality test and my … Continue reading ’10’ Things To Know About Kristyna Myles

[EXCLUSIVE] Kristyna Myles is ‘Painting A Brighter Day’

The name Kristyna Myles should ring a loud bell to music lovers everywhere, especially when this UK born artist is as talented as she is. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to her latest album, Paint A Brighter Day, and I was blown away by her beautiful voice. So much emotion. Kristyna pulled at my heartstrings in every song, and I highly recommend getting her music. You … Continue reading [EXCLUSIVE] Kristyna Myles is ‘Painting A Brighter Day’

Book Review: “Volition” by Lily Paradis

Release date: February 6th 2015 Publisher: Empire Books Purchase: Amazon | B&N Synopsis via Goodreads: You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that stays with you, then tears you apart slowly at first, and all at once shreds every fiber of your being? It’s because you’re contradicting the universe. Everything lines up so perfectly that you couldn’t have imagined it to work … Continue reading Book Review: “Volition” by Lily Paradis

Six Perfect Sports for a Healthier 2015

Whatever your current level of fitness or general inclination towards physical activities, there is no denying that regular sports activities are a great way to stay fit and healthy. Other than the obvious physical benefits, sports can also be beneficial to your mental wellbeing, as well as a valuable platform for networking and social interaction. If you are not sure what sport is right for … Continue reading Six Perfect Sports for a Healthier 2015

Ten Books to Read in April

Here are my highly recommended reads for this month. You can click on the book covers for more info as well as links to purchase them. 10. “Marrow” by Tarryn Fisher New Adult Suspense Atria/Simon & Schuster 09. “One Night” by Eric Jerome Dickey Adult Romance Dutton Books 08. “The Truth About Us” by Janet Gurtler Young Adult Realistic Fiction Sourcebooks Fire   07. “Chasing Bristol” … Continue reading Ten Books to Read in April