’10’ Things To Know About Kristyna Myles

Kristyna Myles’ music is like a breath of fresh air, so it’s quite a delight that she not only did an interview for EY, but she’s next to take on our traditional 10 quickies. Check out her cool answers below:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

I wasn’t sure how to describe myself so I took a personality test and my result was ‘an entertainer’ with these qualities ‘ESFP’, which stands forΒ Extroverted, Sensor, Feeler & Perceiver. They say it’s for lively and playful people who value common sense. I’ve learnt something today!

Give all my worries to God.

Czech Republic, my parents are from there and I absolutely love Prague plus most of my family are out there so I’d get to see them!

My iPhone, my Yamaha keyboard, and a kettle to make coffee. I’m pretty sure it’s not people as that’d be mean to just pick 3 haha!

Is there a quiz I can take?! I love light colours and I’d say I’m somewhere between tomboy and girly girl.

I like to watch a good movie with my husband.

Being in nature on a sunny day, around positive encouraging and driven people, being at church, reading a good devotional in the morning, listening to uplifting music.

That’s so hard because I love all kinds of food. I love a good swordfish- fresh fish & seafood is probably my fav.

I love dancing! I used to do tap, ballet and modern dance from the age of 4-17 and miss it loads so in my last music video we incorporated some simple moves. Planning the video and drawing up a storyboard was also a great way of getting creative too.Β 

Β Thanks for having me! πŸ™‚


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