4 Fashion Must-Haves For Your Next Bali Holiday

If you are getting sick of winter and can wait for the warm weather, your best bet is to catch a plane to Bali. With its great beaches, amazing hospitality and low cost, Bali is and has always been at the top of the list of winter destinations.

Ben Pollitt would say “a good pair of sunglasses, sun, good music and books” is perfect for the beach. While that is true in Australia, Bali is a slightly different world. What you would normally wear on here, might not be normally accepted in Bali, so it might be good to get a quick wardrobe update before your flight. Here are your must-haves to stay appropriately stylish n Bali:

1 – Sarong



Bring lots and lots of sarongs of different colors, sizes, and materials. It’s a definite must-have for anyone traveling not only to Bali but to almost anywhere. Sarong has a lot of uses—a stylish mosquito net, handy bag, mini blanket, thin towel, and most specially, for covering your skin in the hotel lobby after a trip to the beach.

You don’t want to walk in the local street in your bikini. While it’s okay here, it’s definitely NOT okay in Indonesia, especially if you don’t want to get unwanted attention from the local men who are used to whistle and tell you you’re hot or sexy.

Sarong can be worn in different ways, too, to cover whatever is needed to be covered. It can be wrapped around your waist and act like a skirt or can be wrapped around your shoulders just like a dress.

For sure you will be visiting Besakih, Tanah Lot, Pura Luhur, or other temples there. You’ll be thankful bringing a sarong around because your lower body needs to be covered. Otherwise, you’d pay 2 bucks renting their local saris.

2 – Shorts



Whether it’s a pair of shorts, or a pair of short shorts, these are must-haves for your tropical holiday. Shorts can beautifully compliment a rugged tank top, perfect for your local shopping or wandering around. Try ripped shorts in a darker colors. Stains can never be noticed on them, and the rips will add to that rustic appeal. Again, shorts are inappropriate when you visit temples, so have a sarong hanging around at all times.

3 – Kaftans & Beach Dresses

maxi dress


It is always a great idea to bring some beach dresses. They are light, easy to wear in the heat and will keep you appropriately dressed when walking around. You don’t have to bring a lot, though. Bali offers some amazing local dresses, perfect for blending in and feeling the Indonesian spirit. Plus, they can be unbelievably cheap.

4 – Thongs



You wear them everyday here, you’ll wear them everyday there. Remember that Bali is a tropical country where you’ll most likely spend your time outdoors under the sun, or maybe the moon and stars, too. And having that good pair of thongs is a must-have.

But, when going to Mayong Village or Munduk Wilderness, your feet will surely love you for a pair of walking shoes. While it’s okay to buy your footwear in Bali, it’s best to bring your own because knockoffs are everywhere there. Those are disposable-quality and can be dangerous. They’re easy to spot, though—usually with unpolished stitches and coloring, sometimes with weird-looking logos and misspelled brand names.

Keep in mind!

Bali is an Indonesian island with majority of people following Hinduism. That is why they are more open-minded with regards to other people’s way of dressing. Be a little more modest when going beyond Bali—like in other Indonesian islands—because this is a Muslim country with very strict rules on what people wear. For example, wear a pair of pants and shirt instead of shorts and tank tops.

Styling tips and information brought to you Carla, the style guru @ Carlaswimwear

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