Massage Therapy For Your Aches, Pains And Problems

For thousands of years massages have been used all over the world to treat aches and pains in the human body. They are quite effective when done properly and are a much better solution than medication. In fact many people who have experienced the healing power of massages will always prefer massages to modern medication. There are several types of massages all geared towards solving different problems and healing different pains and aches in the body. This means that you should choose a massage that is geared towards solving your particular problem. Some of the different types of massages include the following:

massage therapy image source: Integ Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage

This type of massage focuses on the deep lying muscles and connective tissues. It is done by applying deep pressure on certain parts of the body in a bid to relax them and make you feel more relaxed as well as get rid of any tensions. Unlike the ordinary massages this type of massage is a bit more painful because of the amount of pressure being asserted on the body. This is usually done to reduce tension. It is this tension build up in the body that usually causes aches and pains.

This type of massage is great for many people suffering from muscle and joint aches, chronic pain, lower back pain as well as problems with posture.

Swedish massage

This is the most common type of massage. It is a soft massage that requires the application of minimal pressure that is just enough to relax you. The strokes applied by the masseuse are gentle enough to help the muscles and connective tissues to relax but they do not necessarily heal any chronic pains.

This type of massage is great for relaxing and easing stress.

massage relaxation image source: Tantric Massage HK

Tantric massage

This type of massage is a very sensual massage that awakens all your sensory organs and makes you feel more alive. It is one of the most spiritual massages because it arouses all your chakra making your whole body feel alive. The arousing of the whole body’s chakra, means that tantric massages are good for both physical and spiritual healing.

They are the one of the most relaxing massages and are therefore used for relaxation purposes as well as to open oneself in a spiritual sense.

Aromatherapy message

This type of massage is similar to a Swedish massage except for the fact that it involves the use of essential scented oils. The oils used in this type of massage are therapeutic and are supposed to aid in the healing of the body. The type of oils used will usually depend on the kind of ailment you have.

This type of massage is great for emotional problems that cause you stress as well as pre menstrual syndrome and digestive problems.

hot stone massahe image source: She Knows

Hot stone massage

This type of massage includes the use of smooth, flat stones that are heated and placed strategically on a person’s back. The masseuse also uses the hot stones to slightly massage the back.

This type of massage has been shown to be great for people suffering from arthritis, insomnia, depression as well as poor blood circulation.

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