Plastic Surgery – Pros and Cons

plastic surgery

Every year, millions of people decide to have plastic surgery, whether it’s reconstructive, cosmetic or any other kind. Plastic surgery advanced so much that it’s possible to completely alter the physical appearance of all parts of the body, solving both aesthetic and medical issues at the same time. Still, a majority of procedures are voluntary and done for the aesthetic pleasure of the patient only, rejuvenating and beautifying their bodies and faces.

Before you decide to undergo this kind of transformation, it’s good to weigh all the pros and cons of plastic surgery. Always choose a certified plastic surgeon and think twice before you make the final decision.


  1. It improves your looks significantly

All popular plastic surgeries have one common goal – to improve the looks of the patient. Breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts and tummy tucks are “traditional” and most common procedures. Their aim is to beautify the physical appearance and they can be considered as a sort of investment in yourself. For those who don’t want to undergo a complex surgery under a general anesthesia, there are other, non-invasive and smaller cosmetic interventions.

  1. It can solve chronic health problems

Some surgeries are not for aesthetic purposes only – they may solve health issues as well and it’s one of their biggest benefits. Rhinoplasty may be combined with sinus surgery to solve ongoing respiratory problems. Also, some women suffer from severe back pain due to the size of their breasts and they may benefit greatly from breast reduction.

  1. It provides emotional wellness and a boost to self-esteem

If you are aware of the particular physical flaw that makes you unhappy and you have been yearning to change it for quite a long time – plastic surgery can be vital in solving your problem. There are psychologists who claim that plastic surgery is not a solution for improving your self-image, but if the person feels there’s only one (or a couple) of things to be corrected – why not? However, it’s important to think carefully and ask a professional for advice before making a decision.

  1. It helps cancer patients after mastectomy

Mastectomy is the procedure of removing breast tissue in breast cancer patients. Breast reconstruction is a plastic surgery that helps women after mastectomy, making breasts the exact same shape and size as they were before. Mastectomy is particularly stressful for cancer patients, affecting their body image to a large degree. Breast reconstruction affects patients’ emotional well-being in a positive way by giving them their old body back.

  1. Restoring looks and mobility after severe traumas

Plastic surgery can do wonders for those whose skin is damaged by burns or who may have lost any of their body parts (ears, fingers, lips, etc.). Patients with such wounds and burns may suffer from limited mobility, a loss of sensation, or extremely low self-esteem due to unappealing looks. Plastic surgeons use several methods in solving these problems. They can give patients new skin, reattach parts of the body and even make your body “grow” extra skin that will be used later in the reconstructive procedure.


  1. Doing surgery for the wrong reasons

In some cases, dissatisfaction with facial or body features can become a real obsession. Often, it’s not the body part that represents the real cause of the problem. Doing surgery after surgery may indicate mental health problems and such patients would benefit more from counseling with a psychologist. If the person decides to undergo surgery for the wrong reasons, the procedure won’t bring about the expected emotional well-being and satisfaction.

  1. It may not fulfill your expectations

Regardless of your surgeon’s skills, you may end up unhappy with the results of your surgery. Some patients insist on procedures that are not suitable for them due to their underlying structures and the results may be disastrous and irreversible. In other cases, surgeons are not skillful and able to perform the surgery properly so they fail to bring you the transformation you’re hoping for.

  1. It always carries a certain level of risk

Every surgery that is performed under general anesthesia carries a certain risk for the patient and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some patients may experience unexpected complications and severe reactions to anesthesia. These problems include numbness, hemorrhaging, infections, necrosis, etc. If the surgeon you chose is a professional, he/she will know if surgery is appropriate for you and balance the risk to benefit ratio.


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One thought on “Plastic Surgery – Pros and Cons

  1. Yes, everyone should consider pros and cons before deciding anything in their life. And if the cons overweight the pros then don’t do it. It is simple as that. I decided to have cosmetic surgery when I was 20 because I didn’t feel good about my breasts. I was lucky that my mum went through this about 3 years before me so she could help me. She even went with me to Prague for emotional support. Yes, I had my boob job abroad. No, I’m not crazy. I went to Formé clinic in Prague because I knew I could trust them. My mum was there before me and her boobs look great. So do mine now 1 year post-op… What I wanted to say. If you really want cosmetic surgery then do it. You’ll be happier. Speaking from my own experience.

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