ShopMissA – Everything $1

This is a great online store for women who not only love to splurge on fashionable items, but like to shop for things that are affordable. Miss A is like heaven for a lot of us. Everything is $1. Yes. I kid you not. Not a dollar and over, but $1. You can’t ignore such a deal. Plus domestic shipping is only $3.95 flat rate. There are also reasonable international shipping rates too. And if you like anything on this accessory store, you better snag it right away because someone else might and a lot of products go out of stock very fast. Check out my recent purchases below and visit to get your splurge on.


Magic Skin Beautifier – #12

The Ultimate Gloss – I purchased the X Factor


E.L.F Essential All Over Color Stick – Spice

Sunkissed Mineral Blush – #5

Scented Nail Polish 327 – Lavender

Multi Chain Link Dangle Bracelet – Silver

Melody Rhinestone Ring Set – Silver


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