Fond Doux – St. Lucia’s Eco-Friendly Resort

Looking for the next amazing summer escape? Search no further. Like many islands in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is no different when it comes to charm and beauty. The region is also known for its rainforested interior with waterfalls at Toraille. While St. Lucia has dormant volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites and popular luxurious resorts, it also homes fishing villages and hidden treasures. One of those treasures being Fond Doux Plantation and Resort. Bask in the delights of this breathtaking gem, while enjoying a peaceful vacation away from your semi chaotic reality. 

The resort offers various cottages and six honeymoon suites. So if you’re planning a location wedding, this is the perfect backdrop for your romantic event. And of course, you can’t visit the islands without feasting on authentic local cuisine. The resort serves up mouthwatering dishes at The Cocoa Pod and Jardin Cacao restaurants. You’ll feel as if you’re dining in tranquility whenever you stop in. 

Of course, what’s a trip to the Caribbean without experiencing the magic of the Caribbean sea? And Fond Doux offers plenty of water activities for the fun seekers. 

There’s lots more to do while vacationing at Fond Doux, and in St. Lucia overall. It depends on what you’re up for. I could go on and on about all the joys of this little gem, but it’ll be more exciting if you experience it for yourself. Fond Doux Plantation and Resort is waiting for you, will you go?

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Credits: fonddouxestate

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