Album Review: Tamia’s “Love Life”

When I first glimpsed the cover art for Tamia’s sixth studio album, my mind instantly flashed back to her self-titled debut where she’s portraying four different sides. And after listening to Love Life, you can definitely get a sense of what Tamia’s going for: a combination of sexy, playful, and vulnerable.

The album opens up with the bouncy and emotional Love Falls Over Me, a clear depiction of how intense the singer’s feelings are in her relationship. The track sets you up for the masterpiece to come, with its energetic and seductive concept. From lyrics to music, the arrangement is flawless. It’ll pull you to your feet and get you grooving to the catchy hook. But while the uptempo rhythm is addictive, Chaise Lounge slows things down, dims the lights, and leaves you gasping for air. Tamia sends chills up and down your spine with her powerful singing and intimate lines. The transition is perfect!

The sexiness continues in the album’s lead single, Sandwich and a Soda. What I like most about the track is how cute and fun it is, yet still keeping things intimate. Tamia stays controlled, while teasing us with these breathy moments. I’ve never considered this track a really strong number, at least not enough to be a single, but it’s still a great song nonetheless. 

Nowhere picks up the tempo, promising loyalty and endless love. The message is clear, she’s in deep and will never leave. Loving the overall concept of the record as it promotes a healthy romance; no drama. Nowhere is my favorite after the opening track. Both songs really stood out to me and I see them being single-worthy. 


Lipstick takes us back down the mid-tempo path, but you just can’t divert, only continue to experience the singer’s love life (literally). Tamia sings it best, “I just want to spice it up…” and she’s definitely heating things up in this one. The song is intense, desire screaming out in every word. Her breathy harmonies are heard once again and that helps deliver the intended sultriness of the track. Tamia’s passion transitions from track to track, and Special is another work of perfection. There’s something raw and honest about these songs and the way she sings them. The singer truly believes in her relationship and the love they have. I like how vulnerable she sounds; so relatable. 

Like You Do sounds like a continuation of Lipstick. Both tracks are similar in regards to sensuality and the playful side of a relationship. While I’m not in love with Like You Do, I’m sure I will be after listening to the song a bit more. Stuck With Me, on the other hand, is an instant addiction. I feel as if I’m drowning in Tamia’s voice and melting away with every note she sings. This is one sexy number that tugs at your heart and reaches your core. Absolutely beautiful!

The realness of this album never lets up. Not even once. No Lie is as emotional and as gut-wrenching as the previous ballads; each substantial and solid enough to stand on their own as promotional singles. What I like most about No Lie? The song makes me feel like I’m floating in love with a permanent smile plastered on my face. 

There’s nothing more captivating than a soulful ballad with honey-like singing accompanied by soothing piano melodies. And Day One is just that. Not to mention it could be the ultimate anthem for relationships everywhere. This song leaves a burning in my throat and tears threatened to fall while I listened. It’s just that impactful and gritty. 

The album concludes with a cover of Deniece Williams’ Black Butterfly. I’m not one for covers, much less up for reviewing them, but Tamia definitely did this track justice. Her version is just superb!  

Well, what else can I say? If you’re looking for a sultry and well-produced r&b album, not to mention the tasteful delivery of beautiful and incomparable vocals, then Love Life is the ONE. I don’t think I have to stress on the talent of Tamia when she’s been in the business for so long. But if you’re only now catching on, then you’ve been missing out big time. However, Love Life is a good way to start because while longtime fans are granted her signature sexy sound and perfect harmonies, Tamia is giving us more on her latest release in terms of where she is currently and how much she’s grown as an artist and woman.

Rating: 4.5/5 


Release date: June 9th 2015

Label: Def Jam Recordings

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

Track listing:

01. Love Falls Over Me

02. Chaise Lounge

03. Sandwich and a Soda

04. Nowhere

05. Lipstick

06. Special

07. Like You Do

08. Stuck With Me

09. No Lie

10. Day One

11. Black Butterfly


*This review is based on the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the views of EY as a whole.

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Credits: Tamia’s FB

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