Owl Frontman Chris Wyse Gives Us ’10’

Chris Wyse is frontman and bass player in LA/NY-based rock band Owl. Their third album, the propulsive and powerful Things You Can’t See, is due out on July 28th. Chris is also the bass player for former lead guitarist and founding member of KISS, Ace Frehley, and was the bass player in seminal rock outfit The Cult for a decade. It’s a pleasure to have him on EY, so check out Owl’s album teaser here and continue below for Chris’ short and sweet answers to our traditional ’10 quickies’

Never say never.

A wild lion on stage and mellow off stage.

More yoga on the road. I’ll throw down my mat anywhere! I’m on tour buses and dressing rooms a lot, so the more I can just say “F#@! it, I’m doing it now,” the better. Nothing is convenient on the road, so you must make it so yourself.

New York City is my top spot because I believe it is the best city in the world!  

Yoga mat, computer, bluetooth speaker.

Classy but Rock. I don’t have tattoos or spiky hair; I just roll with my natural sort of 70’s-meets-today vibe.

Since I’m on tour a lot, the notion of a regularly scheduled week has not been in my system since back in the days of going to school. At the end of a tour I have to rest and regain strength. If I don’t, I could end up in the hospital for exhaustion. It has happened to many an artist. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and rest. There is no way around it.

Practicing the music and vocals to the point where I can kick it in the ass and really own it.

I would have to say there is nothing like having pasta and wine. Italian food is really great in New York, but it is of course the best in Italy! 


I write lyrics.  Even though that is connected to music, it really is poetry. I also like to BBQ and cook. I draw a lot too – in fact much of my band Owl’s artwork came from my simple drawing ideas.


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