The Secret Seaside Of Makarska

Looking for accommodation in Makarska? You are not alone as more and more experienced tourists venture to this secret location. Located between the bay shaped like a horseshoe between the Adriatic Sea and the Biokovo mountains, Makarska is a center of tourism and is noted for its promenade fringed with palms. In this promenade, there are fashionable boutiques, bars and cafes overlooking the pretty harbor where there are recreational crafts docked. Sitting adjacently to the beach are camping grounds as well as several hotels with large capacities. For this reason, you can be assured that once you travel to this area, every type of accommodation is available.

A Brief History

Pagania was the name that Constantine VII the Byzantine Emperor in the tenth century originally called this place. Between the River Neretva’s mouth and the River Cetina’s mouth, this narrow, long, coastal strip was named after Pagani, its inhabitants. These folks lived a life of piracy raiding galleys that passed and not until the ninth century did they accept Christianity. Compared to other Slavs, this was a much later time. The days of piracy have gone and been replaced by tourism, wine making, olive oil and fishing. However, this place still has an untouched, wild and pleasing feeling. The settlements around Makarska remain village-like and small with the main square overlooking St Mark’s Baroque Church and several palazzi built by local wealthy merchants who recorded the prosperity of the eighteenth century during this time.

makarska 1

 Source: Telegraph Uk

A Secret by the Side of the Sea

In itself, Makarska is built around a sheltered, deep bay. Mount Biokovo and its rocky heights provide the dramatic backdrop of this wondrous display. It also acts as a buffer from the inland, harsh climate. The sea-facing slopes of Biokovo are marked by criss-crossing trails. This means that it is more than possible to get some mountain biking and hiking done aside from swimming in the Adriatic’s turquoise depths.

Croatia’s Warmest

A hot Mediterranean climate summer is something you will go through in the area. While summers are dry and hot, winters are wet and warm. As a matter of fact, in the whole of Croatia, Makarska is one of the warmest cities. Under the Biokovo mountain rests a popular destination for tourists called the Makarska Riviera. This stretches sixty kilometers between the towns of Gradac and Brela.

makarska 2

 Source: Makarska Accommodation

Town Center

The Makarska old town center consists of narrow streets paved with stones. There is also a sea shell collection featuring a giant clam shell at the Franciscan monastery as well as a fruit and flower market at the main church square. It is not hard to find accommodation for tourists in this area and be at the center of it all.

 Source: Frank About Croatia

Main Attractions

The main attractions in Makarska include the Town Museum home called the Villa Tonolli. You might also want to visit the breathtaking Baroque Ivanisevic Palace. For culture vultures and book worms that want to browse through numerous books in a library including a world shell collection, the place to visit is the Franciscan Monastery built in the sixteenth century. Next, check out the 1993 rebuilt St Peter’s Church located on the Sv Petar peninsula. There is also the eighteenth century St Philip’s Church, the St Mark’s Cathedral on the Main Square and the Andrija Kacic Miosic friar statue by Ivan Rendic, the famous sculptor of Croatia.

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