Tips for Making a Modern Style Living Room

Decorating a living room with a modern style involves meticulous planning. Whether you are doing it alone or with the help of a professional decorator, you need to make sure that every part of the room complements the overall design that you want. For instance, the colors of the curtains that you use should not clash with the colors of the walls. Additionally, if you want a really modern look, every piece of furniture, wall decor, and other embellishments that you use should have contemporary designs and styles. To help you out, below are some practical tips on how you should go about with the planning and decorating process.


image credit: Foche


When it comes to the floor, the general rule is that it should have a minimalist look. What this means is that you shouldn’t go overboard when it comes to colors and styling. Most modern floors today are either colored white or any of the light colors. Since it’s the living room, it’s also necessary to make use of floor mats or rugs. For styling purposes, the mats and rugs should not cover the entire living room floor. Furthermore, the rugs should have colors that are brighter than the color of the floor. Many crafting experts, including the guys from Brezon Srafovi, are emphasizing the importance of good and proper installation of floor cover materials, especially when it comes to wooden ones as they tend to curve over the years.


Don’t go for furniture with generic looks. For example, almost everyone knows what a standard sofa looks like. With that said, if you want a unique and modern-looking living room, go for furniture styles that are out of the ordinary. A popular choice would be furniture that have futuristic looks. There are sofas today that don’t follow conventional designs. Instead of the standard rectangular design, the sofas follow curved or half-circle designs. You can also go for glass-top tables to complement the futuristic sofas.


image credit: Ahuaren

Curtains and covers

Again, you need to choose curtains and covers with minimalist designs. Pick the ones with straight and clean edges. Curtains with laces and ruffles don’t look great when used in a modern style living room. As to the covers which are either used for the tables, sofas and other furniture, make sure that they have colors and designs that are different from those of the curtains.


As much as possible, stay away from fireplace designs that feature bricks. Since we are talking about modern styles here, you have to choose unique and futuristic motifs. A good choice would be a fireplace with a protective surround that features metallic or silver colors. Of course, your choices would depend on whether you are going to use real wood and fire or you’re going to merely utilize fire displays.


image credit: Jotul


The brighter the living room is, the more modern it looks. With that said, you have to make sure that there’s an ample source of lighting. This could be natural or artificial. For the natural sources of light, big glass windows would suffice. As to the artificial sources, you will have to make use of lamps and other light fixtures. There’s a lot of modern lamps and chandeliers that you can choose from.

Wall color and decoration

The general rule here is that you shouldn’t go overboard with the wall decorations. A very effective way of decorating the wall is to display paintings or any works of art that are easy to the eyes like abstract paintings or modern installations.


image credit: Bloote

Getting the right look for your living room can take some time. If you really want it to have a modern style, then take note of the tips discussed above and follow them.

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