How Drunk Driving Affects Your Career


Let’s face it. We all make mistakes, and in many ways these mistakes provide valuable lessons that shape us and make us better people. Unfortunately, some mistakes can follow us for a lifetime. If you choose to drink and drive, getting caught by law enforcement means there’s a very good chance this mistake will follow you on your permanent record. There are various ways in which drunk driving can affect your career.

Lack of Transportation

If charged, you will more than likely face a period of time where your license is suspended. Obviously, if you are responsible for transporting yourself to and from your job, this is a problem. While you can risk the trip, getting pulled over on a suspended license is an automatic trip to jail.

Mandatory Termination
In some industries, employers have a zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving. If you work for one of them, they will likely find out about the offense sooner or later. As explained by Hollows Boonen Lawyers, you can even be charged with a DUI if you are simply sitting in the vehicle under the influence without driving. All you need is for the keys to be in the ignition. Your best bet is to stay away from driver’s seat completely if under the influence.

Applying For Future Jobs
It is becoming increasingly common for potential employers to require background checks on their applicants. If you have been convicted of driving under the influence, this will show up on your record, and you could very well miss out on new and exciting opportunities to advance in your career. While you can take steps to have your DUI record sealed by seeking to have it expunged, this process can be time consuming and expensive. More on the process can be found at

Furthering Your Education
More and more employers are requiring an advanced degree or training in order to be considered for employment. Unfortunately, a DUI can even keep you out of college. As explained at, colleges are dedicated to ensuring the safety of their students, and a DUI could crush your chances of getting accepted. This can severely limit your chances of moving up in your chosen career path.

Professional Licensing
Whether you wish to become a licensed doctor, attorney, nurse, or even plumber, it’s necessary to provide access to your criminal record. A drinking and driving charge can eliminate you from consideration. This means any training you received to get to this point will have been completed in vain.

Life Beyond a Drunk Driving Offense
Being convicted of drunk driving obviously poses serious threats to your career, and more pitfalls can be found at However, there is hope. Skilled attorneys understand the legal loopholes, and they can offer you a chance for lessened charges or possibly getting them dropped completely. If you have recently been charged, you owe it to yourself to make the investment that can improve your future significantly.

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