Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage is Better than Drugs in Healing Sore Muscles

Following a study on the health benefits of massage therapy, Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky of McMaster University, Ontario, inferred that the therapy worked better and faster than anti-inflammatory drugs in the healing of sore muscles. The study, which was conducted on some youth following a strenuous physical exercise showed that muscles that were massaged after strenuous exercise, healed faster than those that were left on their own. In fact, the doctor mentioned that the habit of suppressing muscle pain with drugs entails the danger of developing maladaptive responses. The anti-inflammatory quality of massage therapy should be understood alongside the fact that the therapy reduces the production of cytokines, which are the main causes of inflammation and pain.

source: Hudders Field

Massage Enhances the Immunity of Breast Cancer Patients

In 2003, the University of Minnesota conducted a study whose results showed that massage therapy had profound positive impact on the immunity of women suffering from breast cancer. According to the study, the therapy enhanced the production of white blood cells, which are crucial for the strengthening of the immune system. The study also showed that massage was also important in relieving the pain associated with breast cancer. Moreover, it was found out that the beneficiaries of the therapy suffered less depression and anxiety for a longer period than the therapy lasted. As such, massage can be a substitute or a complement to the pain-relieving drugs, which are administered regularly to the women suffering from breast cancer. The researchers concluded that regular massage therapies can be used to make the lives of breast cancer patients bearable.

source: Dr.Prem

Quality Massage Promotes Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Depending on the nature of the operation, the rehabilitation process can be complex and long. The progress of the rehabilitation process is largely dependent on the level of supply of oxygen in the blood and tissues. Less supply of oxygen translates into a slower pace of rehabilitation. A proven health advantage of massage is that it enables the body to pump more oxygen and improve the supply of nutrients in the blood and tissues. Recuperating patients who are subjected to regular massage therapies experience faster healing and rehabilitation than those who depend on medicinal remedies. Moreover, the patients who benefit from massage therapy are less likely to develop post-operative complications because of the rejuvenating effect of massage. The therapy empowers the body to engage self-healing processes.

source: HK Massage

Massage Helps Premature Babies to Gain Weight

Moderate pressure massage helps premature babies to gain weight. Studies have confirmed that the delicate application of the therapy helped the children to gain weight gradually until they attain normal status. The same studies also showed that massage is necessary for increasing the bone density of the preterm babies. Usually, babies who undergo massage therapies on a regular basis tend to grow faster than those who lack the same treatment. However, experts warn that therapies on the babies should be performed by experts to avoid the syndrome of excessive agitation, which may result from the stimulation of the nerves.

source: Play Date

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