A Few Things to Know About Gianna Salvato

Pop songstress Gianna is the next to take on our traditional quickies. So without further delay, continue below for the soulful and super talented artist’s short and sweet answers below, then get to know her more by checking out our exclusive interview. 

I have quite a few…too many to mention but i listed some of them below:
-Its darkest before dawn.
-Patience, Perseverance, Persistence and Passion are the 4 keys to success…and when applied will never fail you.
-The path to success is littered with failure…embrace the failure, learn from it and carry on.

Some people would like to call me eccentric, lol. I am shy at first, but once I open up I am very goofy….oh, and pretty awkward too.

Working out has always made me feel so much better. Even if I am tired and stressed, just sweating for a bit always helps me.

I would go to Italy 🙂

Music, coffee and red lipstick.

Quirky. I love the 60’s, so for my performances I always wear something from that era 🙂 My everyday dressing is a bit more edgy. I love black, band t-shirts, and my really old work boots. But sometimes I can get weird and wear something bright that probably burns some eyes, so my style is all over the place but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I lay down. And then I keep lying down.

Overcoming the doubts I once had about myself and my music and realizing that my instincts were and are usually pretty spot on has empowered me.

Italian all the way.




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