The Insider’s Guide to Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of the southeastern European country of Serbia. The city located at the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers and its name translates to the white city. The city population is 1.351 million people. It’s dominant of different styles of architecture especially the apartments within the city hence it’s wished destined place. It was leading hub in southeastern Europe. Belgrade has a long history; first settled by Celtic tribes, and later it became Singidunum, the Roman city. The local arts, culture groups, and foreign embassies have attracted several tourists especially during summer and winter seasons hence the city has become energetic in re-discovering tourism potential.

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Belgrade city can be a reached by plane using Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, which is 18km western part of the city center and flies to about 40 destinations all over the world. Also its home base to Air Serbia. The common airlines that fly to the city include; Turkish, Australian, Swiss, Qatar Airways, Alitalia, and Aeroflot. The travel between the airport and the city offered by bus, minibus and taxi. The Serbian Railways are in control of trains in Serbia. All international and national trains stop at the central train station located about 2km from Republic Square. The bus also offers transportation service from the city and the Belgrade’s central bus station located in Karadordeva Street. The E-75 highway can be used by a car when driving to Belgrade from the south direction.

Rivers Sava and the Danube offers passenger ships, and you can see many attractions along the way also the city situated on the European bicycle route Eurovelo 6 that links the Black Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The GSP Beograd operates the entire public transportation of trolleybuses, trams and buses in the city and the surrounding also Bus Plus is a system for paying public transport excluding minibusses. The yellow lanes are reserved for public transport, and there is large parking space in the city center. Night public transport operated by buses, and it begins as from midnight until 4 am.

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Belgrade city has various attractions for tourists who travel there. The Kalamegdan-Belgrade Fortress currently serves as Belgrade’s central park. It offers various cafes, tennis courts, museums, and fortress walls, and you can see the symbol of Belgrade the Pobednik statue. There is Knez Mihailova Street, which serves as the main pedestrian, crowded throughout the day majorly for shopping. The Republic Square provides the best place to organize meetings. Skadarlija is Pedestrian Street full of cafes and restaurants mostly in old Belgrade spirit. The old royal palace used as Town Hall and the national assembly located in Nikola Pasic Square. The city has monasteries and churches such as Saint Sava Temple, which is largest Orthodox Church, Belgrade Cathedral, St. Mary and Russian Orthodox of Holy Trinity. There are galleries and museums as National Museum of Serbia, Historic Museum of Serbia and Ethnographic Museum.

Belgrade city has Ada Ciganlija Island River, which offers picnics and sports during summer. The beach has beds, umbrellas and water sports hence it’s the best in recreation, swimming and enjoyment. Other things you can do in Belgrade including; public observation, National Theatre, Ice Skating, Go bowling, adventure park and watch movies on best theaters. There are events and festivals throughout the year. The sports as association football liked event especially Eternal Derby; basketball and tennis are also common.

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The Institute of Foreign Languages, the Concord, Serbian Language and Culture Workshop are the known courses for foreigners. With Dallas, you can buy clothes, accessories, books, and newspapers. Belgrade has hypermarkets and three shopping malls as Delta city, USCE, and Stadion shopping center. The city provides several restaurants for local cuisine and international restaurants. The farmers market as Zeleni Venac offers vegetables and fruits while Pijaca is the cheapest in town. International cuisine includes Japanese, Chinese and Italian. The gourmet restaurants offer delicious fish meal. The bars are closest at 1 am and in August it holds Beer Festival. Serbian beers are Amstel, Heineken, and Beck.

There are plenty of accommodations in Belgrade as Black Sheep, Downtown, and crossroad hostels Moreover the budget hotels like Hotel Royal, Belgrade City Hotel and Hotel Bristol. There are several rental apartments in the city. It Includes; the Apartment of Kalemegdan Old City, rentals apartment Belgrade and Belgrade Ada apartment all this offers the best stay in the city.

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Belgrade is the safest city and in the cases of emergency you make a call to 192 for police and 193 for fire. In case of illness visit the emergency center. Serbia International telephone code is 31 and Belgrade area code is 11. The city covered with major three Serbian operators that are easy to purchase also there is free wireless access. Radio S (94.9) is the famous Belgrade’s radio station, and television is Serbian except foreign series.You can visit Avala mountain, look at popular Oplenac Hill and go to Vinca. It is the most beautiful and attractive capital city across the oceans. Have a visit today for the best adventure and enjoyment!

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