Lily Elise is “Taken”

Alternative R&B singer Lily Elise has released the official music video for her single “Taken”, the spellbinding single from her EP of the same name.  “Taken” officially premiered on Billboard in March, solidifying Elise’s place as a formidable talent in the arguably muddled world of pop music. 

The video gives us an up-close and intimate look at the striking young singer in her most vulnerable state. Everything about it – from the camerawork to the choreography – screams heartbreak, sex and seduction, and leaves you unable to turn away. “If you’re into any kind of edgy pop, R&B, or even EDM, we’ve got a feeling you’re going to dig this one” affirmed Billboard. “Taken” is a “mesmerizing mix of a little of all three.”
Check out the video below:
When you’re a singer, songs can be written for you. When you’re an artist, the songs have to come from your soul. In 2013, Elise knew she had to define who she was and what she wanted to say to the world. Following her heart, Elise boldly eschewed the idea of going to labels and opted to start from the bottom. For two years, she churned out song after song in blind-date writing sessions, fueled by angst from a destructive relationship.  Those sessions led to the release of her mesmerizing EP, Taken. 
“’Taken’ is the breakup song of the EP,” shares Elise. “Growing up, my grandma always said to me, ‘The space for what you want, is being taken by what you settled for.’ What I’ve always wanted, with a deep sense of certainty, is to share my music and my voice with the world.”
Elise’s EP consists of collaborations with Felix Snow (Sza, Gallant, Nicole Sherzinger), Dan Nigro (Sky Ferreira, Aluna George, Twin Shadow), Mighty Mike (Dojo, Sirah, Kelly Clarkson), Erik Belz & Danny Score (Jez Dior) and more.  It’s first single, “Generator,” which All Things Go declared “a stunning combination of pop and R&B that few can pull off” was released last November and hit #1 on the Twitter hype chart.
Elise’s follow-up to “Generator” was “Suitcases,” which set the Internet positively abuzz with it’s tantalizing sound and minimalist production. “As soon as you hit play on this record, you will be entranced by her beautiful voice,” declared Good Music All Day about “Suitcases.” “With some simple, pop production that has hints of electronic, this song is both upbeat and tranquil at the same time.”  
“The songs on Taken are a culmination of two years of hard work,” shares Elise. They tell a story of struggling to find myself in the midst of an unknown career path and a destructive relationship, from beginning to end.”
Discover more about Lily Elise:
Credits: BlackPandaPR

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