Transforming Your Garage to Fit Your Personality

Garage remodeling usually entails painting or replacing the door, but there’s so much more that you can do to spruce up this large space. If you want to get more out of your garage, think of alternative ways that you would like to use it. Do you like to wood work or invite friends over for beer tasting? Regardless of your interests, you can remodel your garage to reflect your personality and even gain some property value in the process.

Use Your Interests to Spark the Imagination

Before you remove any items from the garage, take some time out to really decide on the space’s overall use. You might want some space for a car, but also an area to sit back in your lounger chair. The entire garage could be an extended living room too. Write down the desired key features for the garage or even sketch a picture of it. Your focus on one garage remodeling concept will help you narrow down materials and costs for the perfect project.
Insulation and Flooring

Traditional garages are bare walls and floors meant to house vehicles exclusively. You’ll have to change that concept entirely, but based on your intended remodeling goal. The walls and garage door should be insulated, so that you’re comfortable regardless of the time of year. Garage flooring can be as varied as the design itself. If the garage is going to be a relaxing, living room, carpeting can be added to the bare concrete floor. Alternatively, tile the floor for a unique look if you still need the space to be more functional than relaxing.

Split the Space

It’s not always possible to use the entire space just for your interests. The car probably needs a home inside the garage too, so divide the area out accordingly. Allow the car to take up one garage side while you update the opposite space with as much remodeling spirit you can muster. Even 20 or 30 square feet of space is ample enough for a small workshop within the garage.

It’s only natural to update your garage door if you’re taking on a remodeling project. Look for a door that allows you to retain as much space as possible within the interior. With a wide range of door styles available today, you can be sure to find the right look for your space.

There’s Already a Water Source

You can technically convert part of the garage into a bedroom with bathroom by using the existing water outlets. There might be a laundry system or exterior water faucet nearby that offers plumbing access. You or a professional can splice into that water source to add a bathroom or just a small sink. Some remodeling enthusiasts even add a cocktail bar within their plans to complement the sink installation.

Paint and Add Cabinets

If floor space is lacking, look to the walls for additional storage space. Those bare garage walls could use cabinets found at a local yard sale. Simply paint those cabinets and fasten them to the wall. You could store many typical garage items in the cabinets while freeing up the remaining space for your hobbies. Even use cabinets at floor level while using their topside as a work station. Your imagination is the only limiting factor during garage remodeling projects.

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