Release Your Bedroom from Dust Mites and Breathe Happy


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Are you aware that you’re never alone when you sleep? Each night, you share your comfy bed with 10 million of other creatures. No, I’m not thinking of dangerous bacteria and viruses only, but the dust mites – microscopic animals that inhabit your mattress, bedding and the pillow. These creatures, invisible to the naked eye, live even in the cleanest homes. They enjoy moisture and warmth, and that’s why your carpets, bed and all other soft, cozy, hidden spots in your home are their perfect habitat.

This is not only disgusting – but hazardous to your health as well as dust mites release toxic allergens. Not all people will experience unpleasant symptoms, but if you have trouble breathing or you started scratching all of a sudden, it’s time to check your bed for dust mites. Contrary to popular belief, dust mites don’t bite – but they will cause allergies, eczema, asthma and other similar health issues. This is why we all need to clean our beds on a regular basis and release the bedroom from dust mites in order to stay safe and healthy.

The first steps in the fight against dust mites are checkup and prevention. There are dust mite detection kits that include everything you need to find out if there is a high number of mites in your home. Even before you detect a high level of allergens in your home, some periodical prevention steps are more than welcome. Washing of the pillow cases, mattress and duvet covers is a must, at least once in two weeks. Also, occasional mattress “beating” and airing will remove the majority of the dust mites – it’s hard to kill all of them, but you can easily reduce their numbers. Vacuum the floors and dust at least once a week.

If you detect the presence of dust mites in your room – the procedure is more or less the same, but more frequent cleaning is recommended. Also, as mites are attracted to moisture and heat, don’t make the bed (air it during the day), use anti-allergy pillows and micro-porous mattress. Some climates are more humid than the others, so you can use a dehumidifier to maintain a low relative humidity. Air conditioners are also very useful, especially when you use the dry mode. When you’re doing the wash, make sure that you keep the windows open and the room well-ventilated.

The end of winter is the time of the year when you should get down to business and do some serious cleaning. The spring cleaning of your bedroom is essential if you’re moving into a new apartment (and if you’re going to be sleeping on a used mattress). Also, when you’re moving out it would be great if you could leave the house clean and spotless. If this maintenance sounds too heavy for you, you can always call the experts to help you out and give you a piece of mind. While washing and cleaning (regardless of who’s going to do it), it would be good to use anti-mite detergents and solutions – just in case.

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