Tips for Keeping Your Home Always Spacious and Fresh

Our home is the place where we spend most of our time. But a lot of people have been finding it difficult to manage their business life and their personal life, and taking care of our homes usually takes second place. However, by being willing to do some simple changes in your home, it can become a place you are proud to live in and to invite friends and family to spend time with you.

First off, the expression “cleanliness is next to godliness” holds true when considering the initial step to improving your home. At first, it might seem that it is a difficult undertaking, but after the first major cleaning, it will all come down to regular, small cleaning sessions that maintain your pristine residence. Spread out laundry sessions over several days so you do not feel overwhelmed, keep shoes by the entrance, as they track grime and mud into your home and try to do your dishes after every meal. This daily routine will surely help alleviate some of the stress of cleaning your home, especially if you used to do it all in one go.


image source: Sudoper

Furthermore, clutter is also a big issue, one that will be dealt with, at least partially, if you have a good cleaning routine. Try and put away your things every night before bed and also avoid spree shopping. Try and leave sentimentality at the door when dealing with unnecessary things. Just because you have grown attached to them, does not mean you need them. Carefully choose what you will keep, while discarding the rest, freeing up living space.

However, if you do find yourself with a bunch of stuff you cannot live without, try and use more of your wall space. Most people leave their walls bare, but with just a few strategically placed shelves, you can not only save space, but put all your essentials right where you need them and you can also use this space to decorate your home with various trinkets and plants.


image source: Den Gröna Vågen

If by some off chance you do not have any walls to spare, consider using up those little nooks and crannies that you would not usually consider. For example, if you have a bookcase near one of your doors, consider extending part of the bookcase over the door. Or try installing small drawers underneath your cupboards. Storage space in each and every home is unique, so get creative! Every single piece of free space can be used, both creatively and affordably.

When it comes to those cold winter months, try using heating that does not have a specific odor, especially since you are forced to have your windows closed during this period. Avoid furnaces, stoves and gas-fired heaters, if possible. Try electric space heating or central heating, which leaves your home odorless.


image source: Element Projekt

Finally, consider ventilating your home regularly to get rid of any unwanted smells. Open your windows and let the breeze do the rest. Installing air conditioning units also helps alleviate this problem as they not only help keep your space either warm or cold, but also help with those hard to get rid of smells. These small, affordable changes to your home can vastly improve the feel of any home and make it a place you are proud to show off to any guests you might have.

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