A Quick Guide To Finding A Job Abroad

Statistics show that over 320 million people are currently living away from their countries of birth, a number that is roughly 3.4% of the total population of the world. In developed countries such as Australia, USA and Canada, immigrants and expatriates make up to about 10% of the population. These figures point to a growing need for people to explore job opportunities away from home. If you are looking to land a job abroad, you will need to know where to start and how to go about the whole process.

Here are a few ideas:

Take a critical look at the opportunities available abroad

Think about what working away from home entails. You will first need to look at the opportunities available and narrow down your options, keeping in mind what your limitations are. Think about language and cultural barriers too.

Make up your mind about the specific job you want to do

Which job are you specifically looking for? Does it marry with your experience or personal preferences? Just because there are opportunities out there does not mean that each of them is a perfect fit for everyone.

Use recruitment agencies and international job search sites

We live in an integrated digital environment where information is now available at the touch of a button. There are dedicated agencies and sites on the internet and they have a good knowledge of where the jobs are, what it takes to land them and what intricacies are involved in the quest for solid employment.

Reach out and connect

Get in on the conversation and grab a feel of what the international job market is all about. LinkedIn should be a great place to start out. Build a profile and connect with friends who can help, and do not stop there. Widen your net and engage with friends of friends in a productive way. Create a presence in other places like Facebook and Twitter when you can.

Learn some language

Having a great resume will guarantee you a foot in the door, but it’s not enough to book you a place at the table. You will need to engage with bosses, co-workers and associates at the new workplace, and that requires a language. If you intend to go to Latin America, learn Spanish. If Asia is your destination, enroll in Arabic classes.

Get ready for the interview

Email, telephone and video interviews are commonplace in international recruitment processes. When that day comes around, you will need to look and act the part. Show command of the languages involved, be confident in your abilities and sound knowledgeable. Hire a writer service online to get a really good CV and cover letter that will get you into the interview.

Do some follow up

Your future employer may be swarmed by calls, emails and applications. As such, they may unwittingly fail to go through your documents .To reduce the chances of such an occurrence, follow up on the lead by means of an email or even a quick, courteous call.
Venturing out of your comfort zone is always challenging, and you need to have everything mapped out. Gather as much information as possible, have a solid budget and stay in touch with friends and family at all times.

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