Fun and Educational Gift Ideas for Children

Engage your child with these amazing fun and educational gift ideas that will make them flabbergasted by the amazing toys that; spin, light up and fly with the educational exposure necessary. Kids are curious beings that need something amazing to keep their attention fixated on something. With these ideas, not only will your kids have fun playing but will enjoy an exciting opportunity of learning something new.

arduino kids Image source: Steamlabs

We hope you will find the appropriate gift for your child that will create in them the innovative skills of building robots, create great chemistry, and fit together gears, among other interesting concepts.

Klutz Lego Contraptions Kit

You can watch your children discover more about mechanics with this Klutz Lego Crazy Action kit that enables them to take apart and fit together gears, wheels, and rubber bands. This incredible mechanical kit comprises of an easy instructional manual, axles, gears, and Lego blocks. With a portion of creativity and a dose of hard work, kids can come up with delightful creations like a race car, or other toys that can spin, and traverse on the floor. This gaming kit is appropriate for kids aged 7 years and above.

Compound Microscope

With their creative and intuitive side, kids now have the opportunity of enjoying the microscopic world with this Omano Monocular microscope that comes with a digital camera. This Omano microscope is amazing for classroom or home explorations as kids can now enjoy an eyeful of various specimens, like plants, and insects. Equipped with the microscope are blank and prepared slides, test tubes, dyes, cleaning tools, and an instructional book. This Kit it both fun and most importantly educational.

MEL Chemistry

Is your kid insatiable when it comes to science? Well, Mel chemistry is here to provide your kid with numerous chemistry experiments that will be both fun and educational. The experiments are sent monthly via mail. The Mel chemistry kit makes use of 3D graphics, Video, Google Cardboard, and macro photo, turning an investigation into an intriguing game. This chemistry set is suitable for kids aged 12 and above.

Arduino Programming Kits

Arduino are electronic components, easy to assemble and maintains the fun aspect of being a children’s toy. Kids now have the chance of enjoying a hands-on-experience about electronics, programming and robotics. It comes equipped with a graphical program that creates the magic in the robot. With the programming software, kids can make the robots kick balls, avoid walls, follow lines, push objects, and so much more interesting features. The main control board is wired easily to help the kids create interactive projects and stories. Supplied with the robot is an instructional manual that provides insight on how to program the robot. You can also buy Arduino starter kits online or at your local electronics shop and let your kid create other amazing projects as well.

Scientific Explorer

Seeing a volcano change color is a captivating sight for any child. This scientific explorer kit brings forth that discovery. It comes with several thought provoking experiments that teach children the basic concept of chemical reactions and proper usage of science tools. Part of this scientific explorer kit is pipettes, test tubes, chemicals, measuring scoops, and activity guide.

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