Funny Facts about Cats that you didn’t know

Who does not find funny cats adorable? While they do not try hard to entertain their owners, whatever they do turn out to be quite enjoyable to watch. Cats are more than cute balls of fur that we want to cuddle with; they are quite smart and quick. If you have had a cat at home for a while, you would know your feline companion very well. However, there are some things about cats that most of us do not know yet, and learning them will help you to understand your cat’s behaviour better.


Fact 1. Cats love milk, yet they can’t digest it.

It is one of the biggest myths in the feline community. The famous cartoon show Tom and Jerry has always shown Tom going to extraordinary lengths for a bowl of milk. Cats are usually attracted to the cream in the milk that contains a high fat content. Kittens have the enzyme called lactase inside their guts that helps them to break down and digest the lactose ingredient in the milk. But with age, this enzyme starts to disappear. So your fully grown cat might keep licking milk off the bowl, but it will definitely have stomach trouble because it is lactose intolerant.

Fact 2: Cats can be trained.

A lot of people believe in the popular idea that cats are the masters of their own will. They cannot be forced to do anything against their wish. While this is true, it does not mean that you cannot do your part in teaching them some tricks. Cats are different from dogs. While dogs always depend on the owner for approval and rewards, cats don’t. Cats instinctively know how to hunt, so they are not dependant on their owners for food. Training cats requires patiences, and cats need to learn that if they perform the tricks, they will get a great reward in the end.

Fact 3. Male cats are left-pawed but female cats are right-pawed.

A study proved that the steroid testosterone causes left-handedness. When they performed a study on cats, it was found that male cats were left-pawed, while female cats used their right paws more. The study concludes that the gender of the cat determines its behavioural patterns in case of parenting and hunting, and that affects their motor functions as well.

Fact 4: Cats stay awake for 3 years of their lifetime.

We all know how much cats love to sleep throughout the day. If they are not upto any mischief, they will find a good spot for a nap instead. Research shows that cats sleep so much, that if you take all the hours during which they stay awake and add them, the number would equal to approximately three years only!

Fact 5. Your cats can talk to you!

It might be easier to believe that cats do not understand humans, but the fact is that they always focus on our voice and tone to seek comfort and security. The more you talk to your cat, the more it is going to ‘speak’ back. And with time you will learn to discern its ‘meows’ and ‘purrs’ so that you could understand whether your cat is feeling hungry or unwell.

These funny facts about cats make them even more endearing! Cats can be really great companions at home. They deserve to get spoilt with our affection and attention. A happy cat always makes its owners feel loved.

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