Biograd – The White City on the Sea

Biograd na Moru is a scenic resort city located on the Adriatic Sea coast in the Dalmatia region of southern Croatia. This beautiful city, whose name means “white city on the sea” in Croat language, was once the capital of the Croat kingdom. Biograd Na Moru has emerged as a popular vacation destination due to its balmy Mediterranean weather, clear blue sea, lots of options for sailing and water sports, stunning coastal views, pristine beaches, charming landscape and extensive tourist-friendly infrastructure and facilities.

Beaches & Activities

Biograd na Moru has multiple pristine beaches with clear blue water and charming views. Besides the Bošana Beach in the northwest of the city, there is a series of beaches surrounded by a lush pine forest in the southeastern part of the city. The beaches are set along a promenade with various facilities such as cafes, shops, restaurants, food stalls, water store equipment rentals etc. conveniently located close to the beaches. Major attractions include the Soline Bay Beach and Drazica Beach. The beaches at Biograd offer extensive options for water activities such as swimming, boating and diving.

 source: Croatia Hr

Besides offering extensive facilities for water sports and activities, Biograd also offers excellent spots for camping and fishing as well as numerous biking and trekkng trails in the dense forests surrounding the city. Biograd na Moru is also the venue for numerous cultural events such as Biograd Boat Show (Croatia’s biggest boat show), many food festivals and the Biograd cultural summer event held during the summer months.

The city also offers excellent shopping and dining options with its wide selection of shopping centers and restaurants serving authentic local Dalmatian recipes and specialties.

Surrounding Natural Attractions

Biograd is surrounded by a number of stunning scenic natural attractions including numerous national parks, picturesque islands, and karst landforms such as caves. Some of the top attractions include Kornati National Park with its rugged islands, cliffs, islets and indented coastline; Krka National Park with its karst landforms and rich collection of rare species; Paklenica national park with its limestone landscape and diverse animal/plant life; Cerovac Caves and Northern Velebit National Park with its extensive hiking, trekking and cycling trails.

 source: Biograd na Moru

Cultural Attractions

Biograd has a rich cultural history because of its role as the capital of the Croatian kingdom during medieval times. The city is dotted with a number of cultural monuments and buildings. Some of the city’s major cultural attractions include Regional Museum, Church of St. Anastasia, Church of St. John the Baptist, remains of Church of St. Catherine, Village Gate, Ćokovac Monastery etc.

Sailing and Boating

Sunny blue seas, enchanting rugged coastlines and numerous nearby picturesque islands make Biograd na Moru a popular destination for sailing and boating enthusiasts. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own vessel, you can easily rent one from a yacht charter in Croatia. Biograd has two large marinas – Marina Kornati and Marina Šangulin – that offer well-developed sailing and boating infrastructure. The best period for sailing around Biograd is from April to October due to the pleasant summer weather and gentle winds. Hiring or renting yachts or boats and going sailing to many of the numerous picturesque islands located nearby is a popular activity among travelers to Biograd na Moru.

 source: Miramo Yacht Charter Croatia

Some of the most famous island destinations easily accessible by rental yachts and boats from Biograd include the Kornati archipelago with its 140 scenic islands, Pasman and Murter islands with their countless secluded beaches, pristine bays and coves, Dugi Otok with its numerous taverns serving local seafood and the heart-shaped island of Galesnjak (also known as lovers’ island or the island of love because of its shape).

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