Dubrovnik, the Great Adriatic Pearl

Dubrovnik, commonly referred to as „The Pearl of the Adriatic“ is a coastal town off the coast of Croatia. It is an ancient town with important gothic and renaissance architecture and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. As Irish writer, Bernard Shaw once said you couldn’t say you have been to heaven if you have not been to Dubrovnik. As an international tourist attraction, Dubrovnik leaves you with beautiful memories that you will always crave to go there repeatedly.


Historical and cultural attractions

Dubrovnik was a wealthy and powerful state (Ragusa) until 1806. In 1667, the town suffered from the effects of a massive earthquake that destroyed most renaissance buildings but some still exist to give an idea of the city’s architectural heritage. Among the most visited are the Sponza Palace and the Rector’s Palace. The Sponza Palace houses the national archives while Rector’s Palace is home to a museum. From these locations, you can take a Dubrovnik walking tour to the nearby St. Savior Church and the much visited Franciscan Church and Monastery all of which lets you get a glimpse of their ancient culture.


If you are planning an adventure holiday, make sure you do not miss the 45-day long Dubrovnik summer festival, which is a cultural event with an international gold trophy award for quality. The festival is full of entertaining games, plays, and concerts.

Entertainment and nightlife in Dubrovnik


For all-rounded entertainment, the Lazareti is the place to be. This cultural center offers the best of club nights, live music, gigs, and cinema nights. If you are planning to sample some local varieties of wine then the D’Vino is the place to be especially when it turns a little chilly, then the vaulted walls of the club will give you much reassurance and comfort. The Nonenina, Skybar, and Buza are bars worth visiting if you are not an early sleeper.

Natural and other attractions


The pearl of the Adriatic hosts important natural and other attractions. These include the arboretum Trsteno (the oldest in the world), the Lokrum island, the town’s old city walls, romantic restaurants, Stradun promenade, and the aqueduct with two public fountains. The Bokar fortress and the old harbor are also some of the most visited natural attractions in the city.

Beaches and activities

The town’s beaches are world-known for cruising vacations. Dubrovnik is one of the top-ten cruise destinations in the world especially during summer. It is home to numerous water-sporting activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and sailing. Banje beach, Dubrovnik’s main public beach is one of the busiest alongside the Copacabana beach. Other popular activities include the Elafiti islands cruise tours, Mostar & Montenegro day trips from Dubrovnik, sea kayaking and snorkeling.


Dubrovnik is not called the pearl of the Adriatic for nothing. Because it has some of the finest attractions in the world, these attractions come at a price. Dubrovnik is the most up market region of Croatia making it an expensive destination especially between July and September. The only major drawback is that most locals have sold most of their properties in the old town and moved to the modern Lapad suburb leaving the old town much like a deserted museum.

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