Tips for When You’re Buying Diamond Jewellery for Men

Diamond jewellery has always had a mesmerising effect on most ladies, but thanks to celebrities like David Beckham and Kanye West, we’ve also seen it becoming incredibly popular with men in the last couple of years. If you thought jewellery was for women, think again!

If you’re buying diamond jewellery for a man, but you’re a bit worried you’ll overdo it, read our following tips on how to find him the perfect accessory!


Diamond pendant necklaces can look great on men when they’re worn low on the chest. The standard length of necklaces for men is 20 inches, resting on the collarbone, but you might want to opt for 22 inches hitting just below the collarbone. Avoid looking like 50 Cent by choosing a subtle diamond. Keep an eye on what your man usually wears and choose a round, cushion or princess cut diamond rather than a pear or a heart cut, as they don’t look as delicate.

The great things about pendants is that they bring a lot of personality to the necklace. They can be subtle and simple or bold and flashy.



Diamond earrings for men have surged in popularity after David Beckham was famously seen wearing diamond studs for the first time and there are plenty of varieties available. From hoops to studs, earrings are not solely associated any more with female looks.

When buying diamond earrings for a man, always take his face shape into consideration. Round cut diamonds suit a man with a long face, whereas a vertical cut works better for a man with a round face. Moreover, if your man’s earlobe is tiny, you might want to skip earrings with too many carats, since they can weigh down the lobe.


If you’re looking for a diamond ring for your man, rule number one is to keep it simple. Most men prefer something classy over something glamorous, so it’s better to opt for chunky bands with a small stone rather than multi-stone rings that are very sparkly.

Another thing to keep in mind is the durability of the metal. Platinum is known as the sturdiest material for a ring and looks the sleekest. White and yellow gold are other popular options and make for a timeless, yet stylish piece of jewellery.


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