Bee On Point with Theo Fennell This Summer

EY - Picture 2 TF earrings
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Theo Fennell is one of the UK’s best known and most loved jewellery makers. Bringing the masses awe-inspiring and intricate pieces of jewellery since 1982, Mr Fennell has made his name by creating witty and wonderful collections.

With summer finally here, Theo Fennell have revamped their adorably unique Bee range that has proven so popular to the women of the world. The magnificent designs show a clear quality in craftsmanship and the use of an innocent little Bee gives emotion to the range to create these petite magical and enchanting pieces.

Within this swarming collection, there are options available in the form of rings, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and even bracelets so if you love these tiny wonders of nature as much as we do, there is jewellery for you!

Our pick of the range is this high-end addition as it really is the perfect example of luxury built for lifestyle. Versatile for any event you attend that glorious sun, these yellow gold and diamond bee drop earrings symbolise the happy little honey maker. Made from 18ct yellow gold and 0.20ct diamonds they are beautifully produced and they effortlessly catch the eye of the room whenever you wear them. The summer season is often defined by those blossoming flowers and the peace and serenity of a pretty setting. Bee’s are synonymous with the sensational summer feeling and that’s why this collection works so well. Offering something different than you’ll typically see on the high street, embrace this new Theo Fennell selection and get yourself looking stunning this summer.

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