Is Cosmetic Surgery Really Worth It?


Today, cosmetic surgery has never been as popular or even socially acceptable as it is now. With so many people wanting to go under the knife, it is hardly surprising that demand for treatments is booming. With literally hundreds of treatments available, ranging from things such as liposuction to non-surgical facelifts, procedures are becoming increasingly common for both men and women that are seeking aesthetic fixes.

With projected imagery from press and social media, the amount of influence this is having on people’s self confidence and their pre-diagnosed imperfections is leading to a large surge in surgery. The majority of the time undergoing cosmetic surgery does cure people’s self diagnosed problems but we often find that those looking to do it, don’t actually look into the true extent of what they’re about to experience.

Cosmetic surgery is an unsettling process and surgery is always a risk regardless of its nature. It is important that you take the time to research the risks before you make the final surgery. These changes are permanent so it’s vital that you ready yourself for any possible side effects that may occur, along with understanding the symptoms that you need to know in the unfortunate case of complications.

Just because a celebrity looks great, it doesn’t always mean that you will get the exact same result so you need to ask yourself if it’s really worth it the risk. So to help you gain a more unbiased, truth view, listed below are some of the common complications that may come with cosmetic surgery.

The Outcome Isn’t What You Wanted

As mentioned, cosmetic surgery is more often carried out to remove personal insecurities in order to restore a person’s self confidence. The most common unfortunate result of treatment however, is that the person doesn’t get the final looking they were after.

As there are no guarantee’s, the end result doesn’t correlate with the patients envisaged finished look and this can be proven by a simple Google search. That is why you need to do your background research and thoroughly talk through any treatment with your doctor in order to help you manage your expectations. Mistakes can happen and procedures can lead to irreversible scars so you need to be confident in what you’re having done and the expert you choose.

Nerve Damage

Depending on the treatment you choose, it can be highly invasive. When specific treatment is conducted on a certain area, there is a danger that the nerves surrounding the treated part can be permanently damaged. The signs of any nerve damage can be identified if you experience symptoms of numbness, tingling and the loss of feeling in the designated spot.


A Haematoma simply put, is when blood groups together underneath the skin and comes up in the form of a nasty bruise. Sensitive when touched, they typically appear as an after effect following surgery. Whilst it is a lower concern, it is worth noting to prevent any panicking following your procedure from being aware of what it is. They will, the majority of the time, fade just as a normal bruise would but in more extreme cases the blood may need to be drained from the area so it is worth keeping an eye on them.

Deep Vein Thrombosis & Pulmonary Embolism

This is the area that you need to be most aware of as DVT can surface out of thin air with no warning and following surgery, there is a great risk of it occurring. DVT is when a blood clot grows in one of the main veins in your body. The biggest symptoms involve sharp pains and on set swelling in the leg and this is when you need things can potentially take a turn for the worse. If a section of the clot breaks off and passes into one of the main artery’s associated you’re your lungs. This is more commonly known as a pulmonary embolism and if it does happen it can be life threatening.

Key Notes to Take Away

Whatever surgeon you go with they have a legal duty to inform you of all of these potential risks that may happen if you choose to go forward with it. This piece isn’t created as a scaremongering tactic but with large amounts of people entering into surgery who are unaware of the true effects they could experience, it is more than useful for people broader picture on the risks involved.

It’s crucial that any individual carries out as much research as possible before entering into any surgery so you can get a clearer idea of what you’re undergoing. The complications can happen from a range of treatments and cosmetic surgery claims aren’t rising for an unrelated reason. This is why you need to ensure you’ve done thorough checks before hand to put your mind at ease.

The majority of the time, surgery will go as planned but you need to guarantee that the benefits of any treatment outweigh the negatives. Being more knowledgeable on the matter will allow you to be much calmer when going under the knife so make sure you have the full picture of all of the risks and decide if they’re worth it to you.

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One thought on “Is Cosmetic Surgery Really Worth It?

  1. I underwent tummy tuck last year and for me this surgery was worth it. I knew there were always some risks. After giving birth to my children the excess skin was just hanging around and could not get rid of it so my confidence got very low.. Because our family income was not high enough i traveled to Prague from UK for it. Could not believe that i could save some money even when travelling. Friends were telling me that because it is gonna be for cheaper there will be some complications after. But they were wrong. Forme clinic looked very nice and modern. My surgeon was very good and understanding. Got proper care with great result. And no complications after just good looking tummy.

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