Kick-start Your Independent Sneaker Collection


Today, men’s footwear fashion has arguably become the most invested and self-conscious part of any man’s attire. The new generation of male adults now care about their sneaker collection as much as most women love a pair of heels. Men are now seeing shoes as a way to express their personality and individuality so they can stand out from the crowd.

Due to its competitive nature, it is hard for fella’s to find a pair of sneakers that somebody else doesn’t already have. We have been inundated with Nike Huarache’s and Adidas Superstar’s and despite them being popular for good reason, they just aren’t cutting it anymore due to the fact you can’t go anywhere without seeing a pair.

So to help you catch the eye of onlookers, we’ve listed some sneakers from independent brands that you may not have heard of. This way it allows you to consider something that you may not have seen before in order to gain that individualism that you’re looking for.

Android Homme

A leader in bespoke and urban footwear, Android Homme produce unique collections for the modern man. A sneaker with something different, they provide innovative and luxurious options that stand out in any outfit combination.

There latest Runyon Runner 116 collection, offer an avant-garde design to create a silhouette that is completely without any precedent. They are a super lightweight shoe, that come with multiple materials and several colourful styles that give you an unparalleled distinctiveness. Homme is a high-end brand you must consider if you’re trying to escape the clutches of mainstream trends, so don’t be a sheep and make your own statement.


The founder this Parisian label – Alexandre Mattiussi – created a brand that offers a cool and colourful casualwear for the modern gentleman. Ami’s trainers are a thing of beauty as they turn the humble sneaker into an awe-inspiring addition to your get-up, combining high-end materials, with vivid, vibrant designs.

Comfortable and fashionable, these trainers are not about subtly fitting in with your clothing choices. They scream style and create that intriguing, urban edge with their unmissable fusion of colour.


Valentino Garavani was a chic brand that in its earlier years was known for its innovative womenswear ranges. However now Valentino has become a fan favourite in the menswear world thanks to their striking trainers. With tie dye and print sneakers, if you aren’t aware of this brand, then you need to be. If it’s a unique look you want, look no further as you cannot get a rarer pair of trainers than what Valentino have to offer.

Valentino aren’t afraid to experimenting with a range of silhouettes, colours and designs. Their collections are something to behold and the brand itself has all the hallmarks of luxury label. Exciting, elegant and eye-catching, there are several crazy pairs to meet a variety of tastes and you can rest assure that the masses won’t own them.

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