Optimizing Ki – Traditional Shiatsu Massage vs a Massage Chair

Your body’s vital energy, its Ki, flowing freely through pathways known as meridians is essential to physical and emotional health. Your Ki is a key aspect to ensuring that you stay relaxed, focused and on top of your ball game. Many massage methods have been useful in revitalising your body and increasing your Ki. Below we examine the two most popular methods of massage and explore how each … Continue reading Optimizing Ki – Traditional Shiatsu Massage vs a Massage Chair

Rules for Wearing Men’s Polo Shirts in 2016

The polo shirt was invented in India in 1875, when Indian polo players were looking for something that is more comfortable and much looser than their inflexible, long sleeved shirts. So, they came up with a variation of today’s polo shirt, which improved their movement and comfort during games in India’s humid climate. The next milestone in the polo shirt history was in 1926, when … Continue reading Rules for Wearing Men’s Polo Shirts in 2016

Festival Tips For Going Abroad

For all the festival lovers, it’s time to get excited with all the excitement of a weekend filled with music, friends and fun! Whether you are going to Belgium, or Croatia for your festival abroad, it is time to get the essentials ready for having the festival of your life. Here is a quick festival checklist we have come up with to help you out! … Continue reading Festival Tips For Going Abroad


Kazakhstan native Diana Horsfall expresses her love for fashion through street style. Her goal is to work in the fashion industry, ultimately as a designer and store owner. Diana wishes to share her experiences and insights on fashion ideas, styles, and identities that she learned from extensive travel in Central Asia, Europe, America, and Asia. Check out my favorite looks below and be sure to stop by … Continue reading FASHION FEATURE: Queen Horsfall

D∆WN unveils artistic ‘Wake Up’ MV

Dawn Richard’s latest video falls in the category of her previous releases as being artistic and definitely one of a kind. ‘Wake Up‘ is an up-tempo electronic track with heart-pumping hits and melodic harmonies. “With this era, I want to highlight the marriage of fashion, tech and sound,” D∆WN says. “Wake Up is a fashion film inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the Faun … Continue reading D∆WN unveils artistic ‘Wake Up’ MV

[Exclusive] High Dive Heart: A combination of Country & Pop and everything else!

High Dive Heart is a Nashville and Los Angeles-based musical union of multi-platinum songwriter and solo artist Jason Reeves and singer-songwriter Nelly Joy. The duo caught my attention immediately with their new single, Misfit. And I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard about them prior to its release because their sound is totally my cup of tea, and I’ve been listening to their debut EP Sonic Graffiti … Continue reading [Exclusive] High Dive Heart: A combination of Country & Pop and everything else!

High Dive Heart in ’10’

There’s something about High Dive Heart that has music lovers hooked from their first listen. Whether it’s their vibrant videos or love-filled lyrics, it’s obvious that this talented duo has plenty to offer. It was so nice of Jason and Nelly to take time out of their busy schedule to grant EY an interview, and even went on to take our traditional ’10 quickies’. Check out their … Continue reading High Dive Heart in ’10’

Try Fitness Blender

Have you ever heard about Fitness Blender? Well, I’ve only discovered their channel four months ago and let me tell you, their workouts are amazing! Fitness Blender is made up of husband and wife duo, Daniel and Kelli, and together they’ve created over 500 videos to help you burn and build strength; both low and high intensity, catering to every individual. Whether you’re a beginner … Continue reading Try Fitness Blender

Everyday Summer Glow | GlamTwinz Kelsey

Check out this lovely summer glow makeup tutorial by one of my favs, Kelsey. You might be familiar with the glamtwinz beauty channel on YouTube. If not, do check them out. They do hair vlogs as well, and if you’re a curly girl like I am then you should give them a watch. Click on the image for the tutorial and do tell us what … Continue reading Everyday Summer Glow | GlamTwinz Kelsey