High Dive Heart in ’10’


There’s something about High Dive Heart that has music lovers hooked from their first listen. Whether it’s their vibrant videos or love-filled lyrics, it’s obvious that this talented duo has plenty to offer. It was so nice of Jason and Nelly to take time out of their busy schedule to grant EY an interview, and even went on to take our traditional ’10 quickies’. Check out their cool answers below, and be sure to download their latest single Misfit on itunes.


Love is everything // Everything is love

We’re both wild, crazy adventurers who love to dance and dream, and be absurd sometimes.

We love drinking green tea and eating real, fresh food. Also, we hike all the time to stay active and connected to nature. Being outside in the wilderness is important for our bodies and souls. And eating healthy is essential. For us, food is medicine that happens to be delicious too.

We both want to go to Japan. It’s such an incredible country with so much beauty and cultural depth. 

There are so many other places we want to go as well, but that one comes to mind quickly.

Each other, family, friends. (Music, art, nature) – Had to do an alternate 3, sorry!

Our style is bright and fun, free and wild. We want our clothes to be as vibrant as our music. We also have no rules with what we wear, so you never know what we’ll do.

We love to get out in the woods or the mountains and get away from all the chaos. Also, movies and bonfires are pretty nice too. Napping can be a beautiful escape from work. Sometimes we’re so tired that’s the only thing we need.

Seeing other independent artist succeed is extremely empowering for us. We’ve been very inspired by artists like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Bon Iver, and friends like Andrew Belle, Brendan James, Tyrone Wells, and Amber Rubarth. Also, anybody who fights for a dream or a vision and is brave enough to endure adversity, no matter how. That’s insanely empowering.

I think we have to make it a tie between Indian and Thai food. The spices and flavors of those two are so unique and delicious! 

We love to paint, write, take photographs and make videos. We’re basically always doing one of those things when we’re not making music. The cool part is they all seem to go together magically, most of the time. 


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Credits: Nathan Chapman & Renee Harrison PR

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