Festival Tips For Going Abroad

For all the festival lovers, it’s time to get excited with all the excitement of a weekend filled with music, friends and fun! Whether you are going to Belgium, or Croatia for your festival abroad, it is time to get the essentials ready for having the festival of your life. Here is a quick festival checklist we have come up with to help you out!


We start the checklist with toiletries, which is something that people can be quick to forget. If you’re at a festival where you’ll need to camp, you need to have your toiletries set there to help you feel fresh on a morning where you may not have a shower. You’ll need to brush your teeth and you’ll need to spray yourself with any sort of fragrance. We all know that festival showers can offer the biggest queues, but your toiletries can help you feel human again.


Have You Thought About Camping?  

Some festivals allow you to camp overnight, so you will need camping equipment. There are those that will prefer to stay overnight and there will be those that will go home. For those who like the togetherness of camping at a festival overnight, you’ll need camping equipment, which will include the likes of picnic blankets, camping chairs, a tent and some pillows. These are only a select few, so do your research and find everything you’ll need in time for your festival.


Remember your tickets shouldn’t be the hardest thing in the world, but you can imagine people are quick to forget. Your tickets are the only way you’ll gain access to the festival, so ensure that you have them on you. Whether this is true a ticket, or it is through the festival wristbands, you will need it for entry. Be sure to read the small print before purchasing, as some festivals offer a strict system, in which the ticket name has to match the name of your ID. Tickets for the festival itself aren’t the only ones, as you’ll need to remember your transport tickets to get to and from the festival, so be sure to remember every ticket.  

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