Rules for Wearing Men’s Polo Shirts in 2016

The polo shirt was invented in India in 1875, when Indian polo players were looking for something that is more comfortable and much looser than their inflexible, long sleeved shirts. So, they came up with a variation of today’s polo shirt, which improved their movement and comfort during games in India’s humid climate. The next milestone in the polo shirt history was in 1926, when Rene Lacoste designed a polo shirt and wore it in the US Open, which he managed to win.

Then in 1952, Fred Perry – a British tennis champion – was offered to design his own line of sportswear. He designed a variation of the polo shirt embellished with a laurel wreath which was based on the design of the Wimbledon logo. Exactly twenty years later, Ralph Lauren introduced “Ralph Lauren Polo”, which included his own line of polo shirts. Finally, in 2016, the polo shirt is used as a uniform by tradesmen, students and athletes primarily because of its simple design, comfort and durability.

Top 5 Ways for Men to Wear Polo Shirts in 2016

A basic rule, that every man should keep in mind when shopping for polo shirts, is that the polo shirt should be slim fitting and the length of the sleeves should be around halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. Although it should be slim fitting, it is not supposed to be tight.

To be more clear, if you can glide your finger between the sleeve and your skin effortlessly, you have found the right size. If there is more room it is too lose, and if there is less it is too tight. The neckline, when unbuttoned, should stretch down to the chest area.

  1. New, bold designs are an absolute hit, they are easy to combine with any style, and every man should have at least one polo shirt this season.

    polo bold design
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  2. They should be tucked in when worn in combination with strict trousers or a suit.

    polo tucked in
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  3. Those of you who prefer a casual style, should wear them untucked, in combination with jeans. A good choice would be something from the marvellous Clothing Planet collection.

    polo jeans
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  4. For those of you who favour brands, a collection by Dolce&Gabbana is a must have.
  5. The basic rule that you should never forget is: Don’t wear your polo shirt with an undershirt and never, ever pop the collar.


Polo shirts have been present in the fashion industry for quite a long time. Their popularity is steadily growing, as more and more manufacturers are including them in their lines of sportswear. Also, numerous brands are expanding the variety of polo shirts with their own collections. They are easy to maintain and combine, so they can be an excellent addition to both casual and elegant styles which makes them appropriate attire for many different occasions. Furthermore, they can add a fine personal touch to any outfit.

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