Optimizing Ki – Traditional Shiatsu Massage vs a Massage Chair

Your body’s vital energy, its Ki, flowing freely through pathways known as meridians is essential to physical and emotional health. Your Ki is a key aspect to ensuring that you stay relaxed, focused and on top of your ball game. Many massage methods have been useful in revitalising your body and increasing your Ki. Below we examine the two most popular methods of massage and explore how each impact on your Ki.

When Ki is Deficient:

Research has linked the lack of full and balanced Ki (also Qi or Chi) to a wide range of health issues including:

● Musculoskeletal pain and stiffness

● Headaches

● Susceptibility to viruses

● Digestive disorders

● Fatigue

● Fibromyalgia

● Insomnia

● Stress

● Anxiety

Improved Ki Through Shiatsu Massage:

The term “shiatsu” translates as “finger pressure,” through a Shiatsu practitioner may use fingers, elbows, knees and possibly feet , as in a-shiatsu massage, to stimulate Vital Points along the body’s 12 meridians. The result is unobstructed and harmonized flow of Ki, the basis for vital energy which maintains health and restores it more quickly after sickness or


To further simplify, healthy Ki is achieved through improved circulation of blood and lymph, the relaxation of soft tissue, easing of nerves and flushing of toxins and metabolic waste from

the body.

A Shiatsu massage chair is designed and built with advanced technology to deliver the same body therapy techniques that skilled masseuses use to optimize Ki.

Comparing a Shiatsu Massage Professional with a Shiatsu Chair:

Having an experienced Shiatsu therapist at your disposal 24/7 would be as wonderful as it is impractical for most of us. So, let’s compare the pros and cons of visits to a Shiatsu massage professional with owning a Shiatsu massage chair.

Frequency: This is where a chair has a clear advantage. There are many hindrances to a daily appointment with a masseuse, but getting a Shiatsu chair massage every day is as easy as sitting down.

Convenience: Working with a massage pro means fitting your appointment into his or her schedule. A chair is always available when you are.

Accuracy: A Shiatsu massage therapist is able to focus extra time and attention on specific trouble spots when necessary. Apart from the “personal touch,” the features of a well-designed massage chair can do the same thing, and the chair doesn’t have to end the massage to get ready for its next appointment.

Limitations: A chair massager covers all of the basics very well, as noted above, but can’t employ all the techniques a human can, so a customized massage isn’t possible to the same level.

Cost: The upfront cost of a massage chair is greater than the cost of a massage, of course. However, spread out over several years, a chair might actually save you money over the cost of getting frequent massages. Cheap Shiatsu chairs start at about $650 while full-featured chairs of the best quality cost more than $2,000. The maths work out to the cost of a chair being equal to as few as ten massages or as many as 100 or more, depending on how much your massage professional charges.

The familiarity factor: While most Shiatsu massage therapists are professional and caring, some people are uncomfortable with receiving a massage from another person and would prefer a therapeutic chair enjoyed in privacy.

Heat, wonderful heat: The introduction of heat makes a massage feel better to a deeper level. Hot stones or pads are used by some professionals, and many Shiatsu chairs have a heat function too.

Moving on: It’s hard to believe, but massage chairs sometimes go unused. This might be because the person doesn’t have time for it or, more commonly, because they bought an inferior model chair that doesn’t work as they had hoped. A chair can be a significant investment to let go to waste, and selling one takes time and effort.

Moving on from a massage professional is as easy as cancelling an appointment or not making another one.

Making the Most of the Shiatsu Chair You Select

On balance, a chair has distinct advantages over a massage therapist when it comes to optimizing Ki to maintain and restore good health.

To avoid the pitfall of choosing a chair you don’t like, research chair models from leading manufacturers like INADA to get a Shiatsu massage chair with the quality and features that will ensure your enjoyment of it in the years ahead.

That investment will pay you back through frequency, convenience, privacy and ultimately a lower cost over the lifetime of the massage chair. However, the best payoff will be the enjoyment of better physical and emotional health, and isn’t that worth it?

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