Family nutrition: Discover alkaline diet!


Just like most of the diets, the alkaline one was developed in Hollywood. It’s vastly popular among celebrities, but this diet can also protect the health of your family. Also known as ash or alkaline acid diet, this change in nutrition can help you lose weight, protect your teeth and avoid many health problems, such as arthritis and cancer. The secret to this diet is that it stops you from taking in acids into your body, which can be found in meat, wheat, sugar and processed foods. These acids are responsible for many health problems and excess weight.

Ph and its Importance

We are made up of 70% water, which is the most abundant compound in our bodies. With a wide range of solutions in our bodies, including acidic and alkaline, our organism is designed to maintain a constant pH in the blood (7.4). The maintenance of constant pH is done by withdrawing acid and alkaline minerals from soft tissue, bones, blood, saliva and urine. In the morning our pH levels are more acidic, but they change throughout the day.

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Eric Gillingham, Flickr, Creative Commons

Our pH levels and presence of acids in our blood greatly depend on the food we eat. According to experts, balance between the alkaline and acid pH level makes a healthy body. Picky eaters and people with imbalanced diet usually consume acid-forming foods, such as animal protein, sugar, processed foods and caffeine. All these acids put pressure on the body and make it hard to maintain pH neutral levels. Additionally, since the body has less alkaline minerals, you can become more prone to chronic and degenerative diseases.

What to Eat?

The only thing you have to do is make a list of acidic and alkaline foods, and stick to the later ones. Meat, dairy products, eggs, most grains, processed foods and refined sugars are filled with acids which can damage your cardiovascular system, stain your teeth and disturb the pH levels. Raw fruits and vegetables, some nuts, soy beans and tofu will restore the balance and replenish the body with alkaline minerals.

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Carrots, grapes and apples, spinach, broccoli, celery, parsley and other green leafy veggies are high in alkaline minerals and the dentist blog of Chatswood specialists recommends eating them on a daily basis in order to keep your teeth white, healthy and clean. Other fruits you should incorporate in your diet are dried figs, kiwi, papaya, raisins and pears and the only dairy products your infant should eat is breast milk. However, while soy and goat cheese and milk and whey are low in alkaline, they have even less acids, so those are allowed too. Additionally, you should stay away from caffeine and alcohol and rely on water, lemon water, green tea and use Stevia and rice syrup as sweeteners.


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High Level of Effort

At the beginning, this new diet may seem troublesome and exhausting. You will be cutting out plenty of foods from your diet, which will cause you to feel nervous. However, once your body gets used to the new diet, everything will become easier and alkaline diet will be just another part of your life. Remember to substitute the morning coffee with a cup of hot green tea, fill your grocery list with raw fruits and veggies and resist the temptation to buy processed foods, candy and other sugary products. Additionally, this diet requires no exercise, even though it’s always welcome, and it perfectly fits into vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Moreover, it’s completely gluten-free.

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If you make an effort and be diligent, you are guaranteed great results. Healthy stunning smile, more energy, low risk of getting cancer, diabetes and other diseases are all the good things that can come as a reward for this lifestyle change.



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