5 Reasons Why Families Love Croatia

Replete with long coastlines and Mediterranean islands, Croatia is definitely known more as a beach and sailing destination. Nonetheless, it’s not without equally attractive man-made sites, as it is also known for the distinctly Byzantine, Roman, and Venetian architecture of most of its towns’ buildings and structures.

Crotia has also since gained a reputation as one of the best family-friendly countries that tourists can visit, so you definitely should consider it as one of your top future family destinations. If you want to know why, simply take the time to read the compelling reasons we have provided below.

1. Croatian Culture

Many Croatians believe in the “family first” adage, and you will find that a lot of establishments are extremely friendly towards families. Many vacation rental owners also readily make kid-friendly adjustments to their flats, houses, and apartments, if you simply inform them beforehand that you are travelling with kids. You will find that there are playgrounds in most towns as well, which are great venues for your children to interact with local children and other travelling kids.

2. Beaches

Your little ones is sure to have a fun time in Croatia’s numerous beaches. The best months to enjoy beach swimming usually starts in June and lasts until September, so if your kids have knack for swimming, then you should definitely consider going to Croatia during the said period. A lot of the Mediterranean beaches are replete with either white sand or pebbles as well, with calm crystal-clear water that could fill any child with wonder, especially if he is a sea lover at heart.

3. Sailing

Children, without a doubt, love the unique experience that sailing brings. And with the numerous islands in Croatia that you can visit, sailing on a ferry or on a yacht charter Croatia to go island hopping is certainly one experience that you and your family shouldn’t miss out on. Seeing the mass of boats in harbor in most of its coastal towns is enough to capture any child’s fancy, what more if you start sailing its seas on the country’s traditional catamarans? This experience is bound to be extremely memorable for your children. This is why you certainly can’t deem to have had an authentic tourist experience in Croatia if you haven’t done any sailing in it.

4. Kid-Friendly Transportation

Most prices for transportation tickets are cheaper for children. Sometimes, kids are even allowed to ride for free in most transport vehicles. Don’t hesitate to ask the cashier for such free rides for children 6 years old and below because most transport establishments are more than willing to give them. A lot of car rentals also allow adding child-friendly car seats to cars that you choose to rent.

5. The Food

Most restaurants and cafes may not have special kids’ menus; nonetheless, your child can still feast on familiar Mediterranean dishes like pasta, pizza, stews, and risottos. You can also request to have the restaurant’s chef cook something that is more child-friendly for your kid, and you can be certain that most establishments would be glad to do it for you. A lot of the ingredients they use are locally grown and all-natural as well.

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