Top 5 Bollywood Movies To Watch In 2016

The world of Bollywood is a truly magical place, able to amaze and inspire. They make us laugh, cry, shed tears of joy and make us a better person through invaluable life lessons. The diversity of available Bollywood movies shown and coming out in 2016 means there’s something for everyone. So grab that popcorn, fill your cup with your favorite drink and sit up on the couch- here’s the top 5 Bollywood movies to watch in 2016:

5. Sultan

Sultan is a romantic/sports film with a good dose of drama thrown in. The 2016 film is produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, featuring main character Salman Khan as the wrestling champion Sultan Ali Khan. The Bollywood movie takes a close look at Sultan’s life as a successful wrestler and the personal challenges that lie in pursuing such a winning career.

Sultan grossed 206 crore, or $31 million USD worldwide in the first weekend alone, and went up in history as the first Indian movie to achieve this. During the first film release weekend, the film grossed 345 crore, or $51 million USD and shot up to a total of 584 crore, or $87 million USD. It placed fourth in the highest Indian grossing film of all time.



4. Airlift

Airlift is the title of the 2016 Indian war-thriller film directed by Raja Menon. The movie puts Bollywood stars Nimrat Kaur and Akshay Kumar in the spotlight; Akshay Kumar is Ranjit Katyal, a Kuwaiti millionaire businessman who seeks to evacuate more than a hundred thousand trapped Indians inside Iraq.

The movie was a resounding success, garnering a gross total of $1.8 million USD on its opening day and ending it with a gross total of $12 million USD on the first week.



3. Fan

Fan is a 2016 thriller movie featuring Shah Rukh Khan as the main actor. The film is produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Maneesh Sharma. Fan tells a story of a crazed fan who is obsessed over a movie star. Coincidentally, they look almost alike.

The film received mostly positive reviews from the critics. Rotten Tomatoes rates it a high as 82% with 11 reviews. Raja Sen gave it a 4.5 out of 5, declaring Fan a brilliant film played by a brilliant actor. India Times gave Fan a 4 out of 5, encapsulating the film with Shah Khan’s acting caliber at its best.



2. Wazir

Wazir (or Vizier in English) is a 2016 film about crime. It is produced by Chopra, written by Vidhu Chopra and Abhijat Joshi, and directed by Bejoy Nambiar. The movie stars Farhan Akhtar and Amitabh Bachchan alongside supporting casts such as John Abraham, Neil Mukesh, Manav Kaul and Aditi Hydari.

The film tells a story of a despondent ATS officer and a crippled chess grandmaster and how fate ties them up together in a larger conspiracy than any one of them could know. It went on to Bollywood fame as the first movie hit of 2016.



1. Oopiri

Oopiri is the 2016 Indian remake of the renowned French film Intouchables (2011) and it is directed by Vamsi Paidipally. You get a cast of diverse actors and actresses playing the mainΒ roles- Tamannaah, Karthi and Akkineni Nagarjuna. Jayasudha, Vivek, Ali and Prakash Raj play the supporting roles.

The film shows us a story of Vikramadhitya, a billionaire quadriplegic and how Seenu, an ex-convict came to take care of him. Through a series of scenes involving each individual’s look on the primacy of life, we see their views on love and on disability forms. This is simply a unique film that’s a must-see in 2016.



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