Get A Lap Desk

We’ve been wanting to get a lap desk for a long time, but never really got around to it and had no idea what to buy. So one day, while innocently browsing best buy’s website, I came across the Creative Manufacturing – 17 Series Lap Desk and thought, hmm, this doesn’t look back. I checked out the specs and read some reviews,  which were mostly favorable, and then decided to get it in black. What appealed to me about the product, is the cushions on the bottom and the spot where you’d place your wrist. So a little comfort was provided while it was on your lap. I also like that there’s a slot on the side for your phone and notepad. While we don’t use the part for the phone, it has been quite convenient having a notepad right next to the laptop and we don’t have to move much when using it.

All in all, this lap desk is great. We’ve had it for almost two weeks now and still can’t get over how convenient it is to have. It’s a good thing not having the laptop and all it’s heat directly on our laps, and we like the leverage the desk gives the laptop, making it breathe a little.

I highly recommend this product!


Image credit: Best Buy

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