Women and Cheating

Cheating in a relationship proves to be a deal breaker,the beginning to the end of something otherwise good.  The initial trust vested becomes null and void, becomes a thing of the past, in more serious cases ceases to exist.  Nowadays, cheating is not only confined to the physical act of  ‘getting it on’, emotional involvement minus the physical has become part and parcel too.

From the beginning of times, women have always been considered the emotional of the two sexes.  *If ever there was a third, they would still take the lead.*  The men are favored as being the better sex in masking their emotions.  From the outside looking in, one gets the feeling of  being a voyeuristic spectator in an intense battle of the sexes.

However, this notion of masked and an overflow of emotions, does not hold water when it comes to the issue of cheating.  It is a fact, that women are more ‘suave’ when going about their business, whilst the men do a sloppy job of covering their tracks. You would think because of how out of touch they are with their emotions, they would loose it at some point and would be compelled to share their ‘little secret’.

It could be that their “suaveness” is innate, cultured and refined truly as a result of  the socialization process by society.  In any case, this attribute is further emphasized by the fact that they have more to loose.  Their integrity is put at jeopardy. A man’s is not.  A woman can be judged as having “whorish” tendencies, whilst a man receives pats on the back on his new conquest(s).  Well of course the pats on the back, depends on which spectrum  of things we examine this issue.

Guilt plays a crucial role in the confession of cheating iniquities.  The stinging feeling of knowing that  he faithfully stayed by the sidelines, while she cheated leads to a very emotional fess-up. Whether or not he chooses to forgive, a woman cheating has to be strategic because she could easily lose it all. A good man. They are hard to come by, especially in this economy. Just laugh. It is not that serious.

This definitely seems like a possible dissertation paper topic open to exploration.  Not because of the content worth, because honestly cheating is quite a simple matter to decipher, but the mystique behind why somebody would cheat on a mate is quite interesting.

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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