Men And Cheating

In a previous post we discussed Women and Cheating, now let’s address the men. So, why do men cheat? Well the answer to this question varies. Cheating can be as a result of neglect or stress in the relationship; whereas his needs aren’t being satisfied. In many cases, men cheat to escape or find relief from an unhappy relationship, but often times it is just for the thrill of it.

Men tend to be motivated by the “new, more, and different”. Sometimes their relationship lack the “spiciness” that can keep them fulfilled, so he looks for outside parties to experiment with. I’m solely speaking from their perspective leaving any bias aside.

out creeping

There are men who start cheating because of the fear of what they’ll lose by aging. No, seriously that is one of the factors. These men are desperately trying to hold on to their “youth” by starting up an affair with mostly younger women because in return, these young ladies will make them feel like they still got it.

The results from cheating are never good, in fact, someone’s bound to get hurt when all is revealed. Which leads me to another question, why is it that men are often easily found out, but women are more discrete and know how to maneuver better when it comes to affairs? Is it that women lie better and have more composed stories than the men? That’s actually quite interesting when you think about it because often times women are seen as the ‘weaker’ partner and should constantly be taken cared of. However, when skeletons are jumping out of the closet, the men fluster while the women keep a straight face and a swift tongue. I’m just saying.

Regardless, cheating from either is obviously wrong and should have no justification. I completely disagree with it and if I’m tempted to do so then I obviously would need to re-evaluate myself and my relationship. Don’t you think that maybe something’s wrong if one feels the need to step out on their supposedly only love? I think so.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Men And Cheating

  1. I think its just typical for a man to cheat, to be honest i expect them its in their nature or something

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