Pintta to Unveil Designer Shoes at MAGIC

Victor Green & Luis Miguel Contreiras launch Pintta Shoes, the footwear brand for colorful personalities.

Pintta 2

Pintta Shoes is proud to announce the launch of its fashion forward men’s shoe line at the MAGIC apparel expo in Las Vegas.
Last year, Victor Green from the television show, “Hatched,” fell in love with two pairs of shoes he stumbled across in Portugal. The shoes were the creation of fashion model Luis Miguel Contreiras. Contreiras developed an interest in shoe design during his twenty years of experience in the fashion world. He used his shoes to show off his personality at a glance by incorporating unique elements and unusual colors.
Soon, Victor found that every time he wore one of Contreiras’ creations, people frequently stopped to ask him where they could get a pair for themselves. The amount of interest the shoes garnered inspired Green and Contreiras to go into business together. The two decided to create a line of fashion-forward men’s shoes that focus on displaying personality through color, embellishments, and style.
When discussing his inspiration for the men’s fashion shoe line, Contreiras said:
“I was inspired to design men’s footwear because I’m passionate about fashion, and I felt it was difficult to find shoes that were both comfortable and unique.”
The Pinatta Shoes line at a glance:

  • 65 shoes
  • Handmade using 100% leather
  • Have either 100% leather or 100% rubber soles
  • Each named after the city or country that inspired their design
  • Prices range between $275 and $300

During MAGIC, each of the 65 designs will be on display at booth 83703. Both Green and Contreiras will be in attendance as well. Following their exhibit at MAGIC, the two will be launching the line in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. The line will be launched worldwide in June.

More information is available on their website:

Credits: Pintta + GeekSmash

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