My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Kissing

As hilarious as the title is, this is actually quite a serious issue in some relationships. I recently read on my newest obsession the Jamaica Star website about a guy having trouble coping in a relationship with the girl he likes not wanting to kiss him. After composing myself from the kind of laughter that gives you a tummy ache, I had a sudden flashback to a time when one of my friends told me she wasn’t into the mushy stuff in the relationship. Basically, she didn’t like kissing or being intimate. So, I began to ask, what do you like doing in the relationship then? Her reply, “I only like talking and hanging out together.” As nice as those things are, they do become boring after a while. Being in any relationship requires intimacy; it’s a part of getting closer and further developing your feelings.

Yes! Kissing has something to do with it as well. In fact, it plays a big role. To be honest, when someone says they don’t like kissing, it comes off as them being germophobic or something. It just sounds somewhat abnormal. It could also mean that you’re not at a point in the relationship where you’re comfortable enough to kiss the other or even want them kissing you. It’s all just too awkward at the moment and you need more time. However, if you continue not wanting to get affectionate then you could push away the person and possibly end the relationship. And you don’t want to do that when you really actually have feelings for them right? But then again, when you have feelings for someone don’t you want to show it in every way you can?

All I’m saying is, kissing is a must. If it’s a health problem then start with little pecks on the cheek and lips to get yourself warmed up to it. Or simply put yourself in the other’s shoes, how would you feel if you tried to kiss the guy and he moved his head saying I don’t want to every time? I’m certain that’s a killer.

What do you think, is kissing a must in relationships?

3 thoughts on “My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Kissing

  1. I have the same problem with my girlfriend. She doesn’t mind sex, although she could probably live without it. But when it comes to kissing, that is what ignites the passion and intimacy for me. However she just seems to see sex as a chore, and does not want to kiss. Any thoughts on that?

  2. You may as well just stay friends with someone. These people sound asexual. Which is fine, there’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t fool yourself into believing you like the opposite sex if you lack the desire to kiss them.

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