The Most Enchanting European Parks Of Nature

The natural diversity of Europe is hard to find anywhere else in the world, The landscapes range from mighty mountains to sparkling beaches, and enclosed between the two are dense forests and verdant meadows. Needless to say, this variety of geographical attributes is able to support thousands of different species of flora and fauna, which are displayed by the glorious national parks of the region. Here are some of the most breathtaking national parks in Europe where you can soak in the mesmerizing natural splendor of the continent.

Triglav National Park (Slovenia)

Image sourced from Pixabay.

Nestled in the lap of the Julian Alps is the fascinating Triglav National Park. Named after the highest peak in Slovenia that occupies the heart of the park, this national park bears several spectacular sights, such as deep ravines, mystical caves, and gurgling waterfalls. Pokljuka Plateau offers beautiful trails for walking and also provides various winter sports facilities while the limestone slopes of Mt. Triglav can be scaled by the brave hearted. A visit to Lake Bled is also highly recommended to admire the crystal clear waters and to take a boat ride to the Bled Island at the center.

Samaria Gorge National Park (Greece)

Image sourced from Pixabay.

The Samaria Gorge National Park on the island of Crete is one of the major attractions of Greece. This national park lies in the region occupied by the White Mountains and is marked by a number of gorges, however, the Samaria Gorge manages to steal the show. The gorge is approximately 16kms long and stretches from a height of more than 1200 meters at the northern entrance to a sandy beach on the Libyan Sea. The park is most famous for its hiking trails that offer some stupendous views and a glimpse of indigenous animals and untamed vegetation.

Bavarian Forest National Park (Germany)

Image sourced from Pixabay.

The Bavarian Forest National Park is a serene woodland dotted with rolling hills and rustic meadows, a paradise for nature lovers. The dense spruce forests can be explored with the help of the cycling and hiking trails that extend over miles. There are also marked areas for cross-country skiing along the stunning slopes covered with trees. You may spot birds, deer, otters, and wild boars to which the Bavarian Forest is a home. There is also an exhibition at the visitor center that talks about pollution and forestation. This national park is the perfect spot to experience beauty in the wilderness.

Brijuni National Park (Croatia)

Image sourced from Pixabay.

The Brijuni National Park in Croatia is an eclectic mix of luxury, history, and nature that is extremely enchanting. Spread across a group of islets, this national park boasts of facilities such as a spa and a sprawling golf course. Many relics of history are preserved by the island in the form of ancient Roman ruins and dinosaur prints from the prehistoric era. Several species of indigenous and imported fauna, such as deer, elephants, and zebras, flourish in the favorable climate of the park. The terrain is covered with bamboos, cedars, and spruce trees and the shores offer a phenomenal view of the Adriatic Sea. If you ever decide to have a vacation in Croatia, Brijuni should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

These alluring national parks exhibit some of the finest natural spectacles of Europe. They are shining examples of the geographical diversity of the region and their colors, sights, and sounds are a feast for all the senses. A visit to these magical destinations is a must for all the lovers of nature who are planning a vacation to Europe.

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