‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ – Hmmm…

I loved the Transformers TV series when I was a child and was thrilled when it became a live action film. Not only that, but I liked Shia’s character and felt deeply saddened by his departure from the franchise. Anyway, I decided to continue supporting the movies and Michael Bay because, like I said, I love Transformers. Now when Mark Wahlberg landed the leading role in Age of Extinction, I thought, “hey, I’m just going to give him a chance.” Unfortunately, I didn’t quite like that movie as I did the previous ones, and sadly, The Last Knight is just as disappointing for me if not more. 

Here’s where it went downhill and continued to do so:

Everything felt all over the place. The fast switching between various characters and scenes would often leave me confused, especially when the cameras flicked to the scientists and all their end-of-the-world explanations. I’m still at a lost as to the names of those characters. In fact, I didn’t even catch the name of that cute nerdy character working with Mark at the auto junkyard (IMDB comes in super handy).

The only people that stayed with me from beginning to end were Anthony Hopkins’ character, Mark’s, and that woman Vivian (the purpose of her role was more clarified toward the end).  Also, the return of Josh’s military character made no sense to me. Seemed like the actor did it for a small paycheck, in spite of the fact that that whole chasing Mark down was utter nonsense when he himself supported the Autobots all those years ago. 

Another issue I had was with the absence of Optimus Prime for quite a bit of the film. While I didn’t mind him going to the bad side due to that creepy creature’s powerful influence, I wish Prime had returned a bit sooner and would have stayed bad a tad longer. He snapped out of that faster than it took him to go ballistic. Also, what happened to Megatron at the end? I seriously missed whatever took place with that one.

Overall, it would have been so much better if things were properly fleshed out and not so crazy. I do like the twist of connecting historical characters to transformers and that whole thing with finding artifacts to save the world. The tease at the end involving those unexplained finds in the dessert was pretty interesting. I’m curious about the woman and her role in the next film, even though I’m a bit hesitant about seeing it due to my feelings on The Last Knight and its predecessor. Not sure if I want to recommend it. Perhaps a rental would be cheaper and you wouldn’t have to leave your house to go see it in theaters. 

Have you seen the movie? What do you think?


Credit: IMDB


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